McKenna Lane Kelley Mary Lou Retton Daughter

McKenna Lane Kelley, born on April 15, 1997, in Houston, Texas, is the daughter of the famous Olympic gold medal gymnast Mary Lou Retton and former Texas Longhorns quarterback Shannon Kelley.

McKenna Lane Kelley, Mary Lou Retton Daughter LSU specialization, comes from a sporty family, with her older sister Shayla participating in acrobatics and tumbling at Baylor University, her younger sister Skyla being a competitive cheerleader, and her younger sister Emma gearing up to join the University of Arkansas gymnastics team.

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McKenna Kelley found her own path in gymnastics when she joined the LSU Tigers gymnastics team in 2016. Specializing in the floor exercise, she made quite an impact during her college gymnastics career. Although an Achilles tendon injury sidelined her for a year, she came back strong and contributed to LSU’s success before retiring after her senior season.

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McKenna Kelley Wikipedia- Mary Lou Retton Daughter LSU Student

Full NameMcKenna Lane Kelley
Age26 years
ParentageDaughter of Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton
FatherShannon Kelley (former Texas quarterback)
Gymnastics BackgroundStarted gymnastics classes at the age of 2
EducationAttended Louisiana State University (LSU)
LSU Gymnastics CareerHad a standout freshman year at LSU
McKenna Kelley Wikipedia

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McKenna Kelley Olympics

McKenna Kelley, the daughter of Olympic gymnastics superstar Mary Lou Retton and former Texas quarterback Shannon Kelley, found her own path in gymnastics and didn’t feel the pressure to live up to her mother’s legendary status.

As a standout freshman at Louisiana State University (LSU), McKenna exhibited her own talents and determination. Growing up, she was a lively and strong-willed child who started gymnastics classes at the tender age of 2.

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Despite the family’s gymnastics legacy, Mary Lou Retton never imposed any expectations on her daughters and even advised them to quit if they ever felt at risk of getting hurt. McKenna’s journey to LSU was marked by her personal dedication and love for the sport, rather than the burden of being “the new Mary Lou.”

McKenna’s Mother Mary Lou Retton

McKenna followed her mother’s footsteps, Mary Lou Retton, who achieved Olympic gold. McKenna made her mark at LSU, specializing in the floor exercise. Despite an injury setback, she bounced back and continued to contribute to the LSU Tigers’ success, earning honours and titles during her college gymnastics career.

Ultimately, she chose to retire after her senior season, rounding off a gymnastics legacy in her family and leaving her own mark in the world of collegiate gymnastics.

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McKenna Kelley Net Worth

McKenna’s athleticism wasn’t confined to gymnastics alone, as she also played T-ball, softball, and basketball during her childhood. However, her gymnastics background allowed her to attend national championships where her mother was a guest of honor, and she had the privilege of watching future Olympic champions like Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, and Gabby Douglas compete from premium seats.

Mary Lou Retton Daughter photosMary Lou Retton Daughter photos

This unique perspective on the sport and her mother’s guidance instilled in her a love for gymnastics, leading her to LSU, where she continued to shine as a talented gymnast in her own right.

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McKenna Kelley Parents

McKenna Kelley Parents: she is the daughter of Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton, has taken to a crowdfunding page to share the concerning news about her mother’s battle with severe pneumonia.

In her heartfelt message, McKenna described her mom as critically ill, explaining that Mary Lou has a rare form of pneumonia and has been struggling to breathe on her own.

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Where did McKenna Kelley study?
McKenna Kelley studied at Louisiana State University (LSU).

What was McKenna’s specialization at LSU?
At LSU, McKenna specialized in gymnastics.

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