In the world of gymnastics, the name Mary Lou Retton resonates with a legacy of triumph and inspiration. As the all-around gold medalist in the 1984 Summer Olympics, Mary Lou Retton made history, capturing the hearts of millions. Fast forward to today, and we see Mary Lou Retton daughter, Emma Jean Kelley, carving her path in the gymnastics arena, determined to leave her mark.

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Emma Jean Kelley Daughter Of Mary Lou Retton Is A Gold Medalist

Full NameEmma Jean Kelley
Date of Birth2002
Age21 years (as of 2023)
Place of BirthHouston, TX
ParentsMary Lou Retton, Shannon Kelley
SiblingsShayla Rae Kelley, Skyla Brae Kelley, McKenna Lane Kelley
Emma Jean Kelley

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Emma Jean Kelley Family

Before we dive into Emma Jean Kelley’s journey, let’s get to know her a bit better. Born into a family deeply rooted in gymnastics, Emma’s passion for the sport was almost destiny. Her two older sisters, Shayla and McKenna, made their own mark in collegiate gymnastics at Baylor and LSU, respectively.

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Emma started her journey as a level 10 gymnast at Fun & Fitness Gymnastics in Richmond, Texas, way back in 2016. Her earliest years in level 10 gymnastics hinted at her potential. In her first year at this level, she seized fourth place in the all-around at the Texas State Championships. Notably, she dominated in the vault and floor exercises with impressive scores. Her vault score of 9.800 and a floor score of 9.675 spoke volumes about her talent and determination.

Collegiate Debut

When Emma joined the University of Arkansas, she embarked on her collegiate gymnastics career with zeal. Her sophomore season in 2022 marked her debut on the collegiate stage. In her first appearance for the Arkansas Razorbacks, she led the vault lineup against Ohio State and landed a commendable score of 9.800. It was a testament to her ability to perform under pressure and rise to the occasion.

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As a junior in 2023, Emma Jean Kelley not only made three appearances in the vault lineup but also managed to surpass her previous personal best. On March 10, 2023, during a meet against Minnesota, she achieved a remarkable score of 9.825 in the vault event. This was a testament to her continuous growth and dedication to the sport.

Mary Lou Retton Daughter

Emma’s connection to the world of gymnastics runs deep, and her mother’s legacy adds to the inspiration. Mary Lou Retton, who won the all-around gold medal in the 1984 Olympics, serves as a powerful role model for Emma. Her achievements have cast a long shadow, but Emma is determined to create her unique journey in gymnastics.

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The Journey Continues

In the world of gymnastics, it’s not just about setting records and winning medals. It’s about pushing boundaries, challenging oneself, and constantly striving for personal growth. Emma Jean Kelley embodies this spirit, and her journey as a gymnast is far from over. With each meet, each practice, and each new personal best, she is writing her own chapter in the history of this beautiful sport.

As fans and admirers of gymnastics, we look forward to witnessing more of Emma’s achievements in the years to come. She is not just Mary Lou Retton’s daughter; she is Emma Jean Kelley, a determined athlete with a bright future ahead.


Who is Emma Jean Kelley?
Emma Jean Kelley is a talented gymnast and the daughter of Mary Lou Retton, the 1984 Olympic all-around gold medalist.

What’s Emma’s background in gymnastics?
Emma started as a level 10 gymnast in Richmond, Texas, back in 2016, showcasing her passion and potential.

How did Emma perform during her collegiate debut?
In her first collegiate appearance for the Arkansas Razorbacks, she led the vault lineup against Ohio State, scoring an impressive 9.800.

What is one of Emma’s notable recent achievements?
In 2023, she set a new personal best by achieving a score of 9.825 in the vault during a meet against Minnesota.

What role does Mary Lou Retton play in Emma’s journey?
Mary Lou Retton, Emma’s mother, is a significant source of inspiration for Emma, having left a remarkable legacy in gymnastics.