Shannon Kelley net worth is an impressive $5 million. His multifaceted career, encompassing football, coaching, and business, has contributed significantly to his wealth. With a monthly income exceeding $465,000 and annual earnings bolstered by his diverse roles, Shannon Kelley has secured his place among the affluent individuals in the United States. This article delves into Shannon Kelley net worth, and his marriage life.

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Shannon Kelley Net Worth: A Snapshot

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Net Worth$5 million
OccupationFormer American football quarterback, Coach, Businessman
EducationMaster’s degree in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in Houston
WifeMarried to Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton from 1990 until their separation in February 2018
ChildrenFour daughters, including gymnast McKenna Kelley

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The Early Years and Football Career

Born and raised in the United States to American parents, Shannon Kelley displayed his athletic prowess at an early age. He earned recognition as a Class 5A All-State quarterback during his high school days at Houston Memorial High School. His journey through the world of football began there.

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In college, Shannon Kelley made his mark as the starting quarterback of the Texas Longhorns in 1988.

Shannon Kelley Football Coach

After his football career, Shannon Kelley pursued a master’s degree in business administration from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. This academic achievement set the stage for his entry into the business world. He became a successful partner in an investment firm and ventured into real estate development in Houston, further solidifying his financial standing.

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In 2009, he took on the role of quarterbacks coach at Division II Fairmont State University in his wife’s hometown, Fairmont, WV. This marked the beginning of his coaching career, which later led him to Division II California (PA) University, where he served as the running backs coach in 2011.

In 2012, Shannon Kelley joined Division I FCS Houston Baptist University as an assistant coach, primarily working with running backs. His contributions to the Huskies’ inaugural collegiate football season were noteworthy. He remained dedicated to coaching until 2020.

Shannon Kelley Married

Shannon Kelley’s personal life is equally intriguing. During his college years, he found love with Olympic gold medalist and celebrated American gymnast Mary Lou Retton. Their engagement in 1989, just before Shannon’s graduation, led to a heartfelt union in 1990. The couple welcomed four daughters into their family, including the accomplished gymnast, McKenna Kelley, who clinched the 2014 Nastia Liukin Cup.

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In February 2018, Shannon Kelley and Mary Lou Retton chose to go their separate ways for undisclosed reasons. Their journey together, marked by mutual support and shared experiences, remains a significant part of their life stories.

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Shannon Kelley’s Legacy

Shannon Kelley’s journey from the football field to the business world and coaching arena is a testament to his versatility and determination. Shannon Kelley net worth, now standing at $5 million, is a reflection of his multifaceted career. His contribution to football coaching and business has left a lasting impact, making him one of the most influential former American football quarterbacks in the United States.