4 Chris Christie Children Andrew, Sarah, Bridget, Patrick And Wife Mary Pat Makes His Family

4 Chris Christie Children Andrew, Sarah, Bridget, Patrick And Wife Mary Pat Makes His Family

Christopher James Christie, a prominent American politician and former governor of New Jersey, is not only known for his political career but also for his strong family ties. Married to Mary Pat Christie, an accomplished investment banker, the couple has built a family that has stood by them throughout Christie’s public service journey.

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Chris Christie Family

Chris ChristieSeptember 6, 1962American Politician, Former Governor of New Jersey
Mary Pat ChristieSeptember 15, 1963Former First Lady of New Jersey, Investment Banker
Andrew Christie1993Eldest Son
Sarah Christie1996Daughter
Patrick Christie2000Son
Bridget Christie2003Youngest Daughter
Chris Christie Family

Chris Christie Wife Mary Pat Christie – The Backbone of the Family

Mary Pat Christie, born Mary Pat Foster on September 15, 1963, played a pivotal role in supporting Chris Christie’s political career. As an accomplished bond trader, her professional success enabled the family to navigate the financial challenges associated with a political life.

Governor Christie has acknowledged Mary Pat’s career as a bond trader, highlighting how it allowed him to pursue a relatively low-paid political career. The couple’s decision to maintain a joint checking account reflects their unity in facing financial challenges together.

On September 11, 2001, Mary Pat Christie found herself working near the World Trade Center during the tragic events of that day. The fear and uncertainty experienced by the family during this period underscore the resilience and strength that binds them together.

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4 Chris Christie Children’s Names And Education

Andrew Christie (Born 1993)

The eldest of Chris and Mary Pat Christie’s children, Andrew, born in 1993, witnessed the early years of his father’s political career. Growing up in the midst of New Jersey politics, Andrew experienced the highs and lows that come with public service. His unique perspective as the firstborn in the Christie family provides a firsthand account of the challenges and triumphs that shaped their lives.

Chris Christie Daughter- Sarah Christie (Born 1996)

Three years after Andrew’s arrival, Sarah entered the Christie family in 1996. As the first daughter, Sarah has been a witness to the political landscape that shaped her father’s career. Her unique perspective offers insights into the Christie family’s experiences in the public eye.

Patrick Christie (Born 2000)

The arrival of Patrick in 2000 added another layer to the Christie family dynamic. Born in the midst of his father’s political career, Patrick represents a younger generation within the family, bringing a fresh perspective to their shared experiences.

Chris Christie children photo- Chris Christie family photo

Chris Christie Daughter- Bridget Christie (Born 2003)

The youngest member of the Christie family, Bridget, was born in 2003. Growing up with older siblings and a father deeply involved in politics, Bridget’s upbringing reflects the evolving nature of the Christie family over the years.

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