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Mary Pat Christie Siblings

Mary Pat’s family tree includes nine siblings: John Jr., Brian, James, Maureen, Kathleen, Daniel, Timothy, Michael, and Christopher. Growing up in a bustling household, Mary Pat developed strong familial bonds that shaped her character and choices. While she entered the realm of politics and finance, her brother Christopher’s role as the CEO of the Foster Group, a real estate development company, showcases the diverse paths taken by the Foster siblings.

Christopher James Christie, a prominent American politician and former governor of New Jersey, is not only known for his political career but also for his strong family ties. Married to Mary Pat Christie, an accomplished investment banker, the couple has built a family that has stood by them throughout Christie’s public service journey.

Mary Pat Christie Age

Full NameMary Pat Christie (née Foster)
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 1963
BirthplacePaoli, Pennsylvania, U.S.
ReligionIrish Catholic
Family BackgroundNinth of 10 children in the Foster family
OccupationInvestment Banker
Net Worth$5 Million (as of December 11, 2023)
SpouseChris Christie (married in 1986)
Children4 (Andrew, Sarah, Patrick, Bridget)
Mary Pat Christie Age

Mary Pat Christie Family

In 1986, Mary Pat and Chris Christie, recent graduates of the University of Delaware, embarked on their journey as a married couple. The early years saw them sharing a modest studio apartment in Summit, New Jersey.

The couple has four children: Andrew (b. 1993), Sarah (b. 1996), Patrick (b. 2000), and Bridget (b. 2003). Despite the demands of political life, Mary Pat insisted that the family remain in Mendham Township to provide stability for their children.

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Mary Pat Christie and her husband, Chris Christie, are proud parents to four children who have grown up amidst the unique blend of political and familial dynamics. Andrew, the eldest, born in 1993, likely witnessed the early years of his father’s political career, providing him with insights into the challenges and responsibilities associated with public service.

Sarah, born in 1996, as the first daughter, has navigated the nuances of being part of a governor’s family, offering her a distinctive perspective on the public spotlight. Patrick, born in 2000, represents a younger generation within the Christie family, experiencing the evolving nature of his father’s political journey.

The youngest, Bridget, born in 2003, has had a childhood shaped by the experiences of her older siblings and the demands of political life. Together, Andrew, Sarah, Patrick, and Bridget form a family unit that has stood by their parents, contributing to the rich tapestry of the Christie legacy.

Mary Pat Christie Net Worth

Mary Pat Christie, recognized as one of the wealthiest investment bankers in the United States, boasts a remarkable net worth of $5 million, as reported by various sources such as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Her financial success, coupled with her background in investment banking, has not only supported her family but has also allowed her husband, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, to pursue a relatively low-paid political career. This financial stability has been a cornerstone of the Christie family’s journey through the intricacies of public service.

Mary Pat Christie Young Photo

Mary Pat Christie young photos

Chris Christie Wedding Photo

chris christie wedding photo
Mary Pat Christie photos

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