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Yumi Hogan Larry Hogan Wife

Larry Hogan, born on May 25, 1956, is an American politician who served as the 62nd governor of Maryland from 2015 to 2023. A member of the Republican Party, Hogan has been recognized for his pragmatic and bipartisan approach to governance.

Resigning from his role as co-chair of No Labels in December 2023, speculation arose about a potential presidential campaign. Beyond politics, Larry Hogan is a devoted family man, sharing his life with his wife, Yumi Hogan.

Larry Hogan Family

Larry HoganHead of the FamilyMay 25, 195662nd Governor of Maryland (2015–2023), Republican Politician
Yumi HoganWifeDecember 25, 1959Korean–American artist, First Lady of Maryland (2015–2023)
Kim VelezDaughterYumi’s daughter from her previous marriage
Jaymi SterlingDaughterYumi’s daughter from her previous marriage, State Attorney for St. Mary’s County since 2023
Julie KimDaughterYumi’s daughter from her previous marriage
Larry Hogan Family
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Yumi Hogan: Larry Hogan First Wife

Yumi Hogan, born Yumi Kim on December 25, 1959, in Naju, South Korea, is an accomplished Korean–American artist. She made history as the first Korean American first lady of a U.S. state and the first Asian American first lady in Maryland.

Yumi met Larry Hogan at an art show in 2001, and the couple married in 2004. As the first lady of Maryland from 2015 to 2023, Yumi brought a unique blend of cultural richness and artistic flair to the governor’s mansion. Beyond her role in politics, Yumi is an adjunct instructor at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Larry Hogan Children: Three Daughters and Beyond

Larry Hogan and Yumi Hogan’s union brought together a blended family. Yumi’s three daughters from her previous marriage – Kim Velez, Jaymi Sterling, and Julie Kim – became an integral part of Larry’s life. In 2020, Larry Hogan shared a heartfelt message on Facebook, celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary and expressing gratitude for the love and support of his wife and three daughters.

The Hogan family further expanded when they adopted two rescued Shih Tzu dogs in May 2018, adding joy and companionship to their household.

Larry Hogan Daughter Jaymi Sterling: Serving the Public as State Attorney

One of Yumi’s daughters, Jaymi Sterling, has pursued a career in public service. Since 2023, she has been serving as the State Attorney for St. Mary’s County, contributing to the Hogan family’s legacy of dedication to the community. As a part of Maryland’s legal system, Jaymi Sterling embodies the values of public service instilled in the Hogan family.

In conclusion, the Hogan family, led by Larry Hogan and complemented by the artistic and cultural contributions of Yumi Hogan, represents a unique blend of political leadership, artistic expression, and commitment to public service. Their story is one of resilience, shared values, and the enduring strength of familial bonds.