The Israel-Palestine conflict is a long-standing and complex issue, and it has garnered significant international attention over the years. Understanding which countries support Israel against Palestine, as well as Palestine’s allies and enemies, is crucial to comprehending the broader geopolitical landscape. In this article, we will delve into the global dynamics of the Israel-Palestine conflict, exploring Who supports Palestine and who supports Israel: Allies and Adversaries.

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Who supports Palestine and who supports Israel: Allies and Adversaries

Countries Supporting PalestineCountries Supporting Israel
IranUnited States
QatarUnited Kingdom
YemenEuropean Union (EU)
Arab LeagueNorway

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Countries Supporting Israel Against Palestine

In recent times, there has been a notable increase in the number of countries openly supporting Israel. There are Celebrities who support Israel. A total of 84 countries, including powerful nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, India, Canada, Poland, Spain, and the European

Union, have expressed their backing. Most of these countries emphasize Israel’s right to self-defense, particularly against groups like Hamas. This support in international forums is vital in legitimizing Israel’s actions, especially when faced with criticism.

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The United States

The United States has been a staunch ally of Israel for decades, providing substantial military and economic aid. It stands firmly with Israel, emphasizing its right to self-defence against groups like Hamas. Despite this alliance, domestic politics sometimes necessitate addressing the Palestinian cause, resulting in diplomatic relations with Palestine.

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The United Kingdom

The UK has maintained a close partnership with Israel, extending cooperation in both diplomatic and military capacities. While it supports Israel, it also recognizes Palestine and calls for a two-state solution.


Australia is another nation that supports Israel, providing both diplomatic and military cooperation. Like the UK, it also acknowledges Palestine as an independent state.

France, Poland, and Other European Nations

Several European countries, including France, Poland, and Spain, have expressed support for Israel’s right to self-defense. The European Union (EU) plays a significant role by providing substantial funds to Palestine. Some EU member states have also recognized Palestine as an independent state.

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Countries Supporting Hamas


Iran is a notable supporter of Hamas and has been accused of providing financial and military aid. This support is primarily rooted in Iran’s opposition to Israel’s existence.


Qatar has been an advocate for Hamas, offering financial aid and political support. This backing is tied to Qatar’s broader regional interests.


Turkey has voiced support for Palestine and Hamas, criticizing Israel for its actions in the conflict. Turkey’s stance is seen as an expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and the Arab League

Several Middle Eastern nations and regional organizations, such as Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and the Arab League, have voiced their support for Palestine, including Hamas. Their positions reflect a common sentiment in the region against Israel’s actions.

Countries Striving for Neutrality

The ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel has triggered global reactions, with demonstrations in countries like Bahrain, Morocco, Turkey, Yemen, Tunisia, and Kuwait. These protests express solidarity with the Palestinian people and underscore widespread concerns about the volatile situation in the region.


India, while historically supportive of the Palestinian cause, established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992, leading to increased cooperation. India maintains a balanced stance, supporting Palestine but also acknowledging Israel’s significant role in the global economy.


China calls for bilateral talks between Israel and Palestine and refrains from taking a firm position. It recognizes Palestine as an independent state and seeks peaceful resolutions to the conflict.


Russia also maintains a neutral stance, striving to balance its relationships with both Israel and Palestine. It supports a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


The Israel-Palestine conflict is a deeply intricate issue, and the positions of various nations add further complexity. The article,” Who supports Palestine and who supports Israel: Allies and Adversaries” provides answers to the raising queries about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Some countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, are staunch supporters of Israel, while others like Iran, Qatar, and Turkey align themselves with Palestine, primarily through their support for Hamas. Meanwhile, nations like India, China, and Russia attempt to maintain a neutral stance, emphasizing the importance of peaceful dialogue and resolution in the ongoing conflict. Understanding the geopolitical landscape surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict is critical in comprehending the broader dynamics of the region.


Which countries support Israel against Palestine?

Notable countries supporting Israel include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, India, Canada, Poland, Spain, and the European Union, among others.

List of 25 countries supporting Israel?

25 countries supporting Israel: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, India, Canada, Poland, Spain, European Union, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Dominican Republic.

Which countries support Palestine the most?

Palestine receives significant support from countries like Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and various Arab League nations. Iran is a primary backer, providing substantial financial and military assistance.

How many countries support Israel against Palestine?
A total of 84 countries have expressed their backing for Israel in recent times.

List of Palestine’s allies and enemies list?

Allies of Palestine include Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and several Arab League nations. On the other hand, countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia typically support Israel. The situation is complex, with varying degrees of support worldwide.

Which celebrities support Palestine?

Some celebrities who have voiced support for Palestine include Roger Waters, Bella Hadid, John Cusack, and others. Celebrities have used their platforms to raise awareness about the Palestinian cause.

Does Russia support Palestine?

Russia maintains a neutral stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict and carefully balances its relationships with both sides. It strives for a peaceful resolution and does not strongly favor either Israel or Palestine.

How many countries support Palestine in the war?

While many countries express support for Palestine. Specific countries such as Iran, Qatar, and Turkey provide more significant support, while others may offer diplomatic or humanitarian assistance to varying degrees.