Origins Hamas vs ISIS

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at two well-known groups in the Middle East: Hamas and ISIS. While both have been subjects of international attention, they differ significantly in their origins, objectives, and methods.

Hamas: Hamas, or the Islamic Resistance Movement, was founded in 1987 in the Palestinian territories, primarily as a response to the Israeli occupation. It emerged from the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

ISIS: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as Daesh, originated in 1999 and grew out of al-Qaeda in Iraq. It later expanded into Syria, becoming a major force in the region.

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Objectives Hamas vs ISIS

Hamas: Hamas’s primary goal is the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, including the West Bank and Gaza, with Jerusalem as its capital. It also calls for resistance against Israeli occupation.

ISIS: ISIS aimed to establish a global Islamic Caliphate governed by strict Sharia law, covering territories across the Middle East and beyond. Their objectives were more expansive and ideologically driven.

Tactics Hamas vs ISIS

Hamas: Hamas employs a combination of political and military tactics. It runs social services and participates in Palestinian elections, while also conducting armed resistance against Israeli forces.

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ISIS: ISIS is known for its brutal and extreme methods, including acts of terrorism, mass killings, and enslavement. The international community has widely condemned their tactics.

International Relations Hamas vs ISIS

Hamas: Hamas has faced international isolation and is labeled a terrorist organization by several countries, including the United States and Israel. It has sought reconciliation with Fatah, the other major Palestinian political faction.

ISIS: ISIS has been universally condemned, and a global coalition was formed to combat its expansion. Its actions have led to military intervention in both Iraq and Syria.

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Current Status of Hamas vs ISIS

Hamas: Hamas is based in Gaza City, but it’s also in the West Bank, which is the other part of the Palestinian territories controlled by Fatah. People see it as the main political power in this region.

ISIS: While ISIS has lost most of its territorial holdings in Iraq and Syria, it has not been completely eradicated. The group has gone underground and continues to pose a threat in some areas.

In summary, Hamas and ISIS are two distinct groups with different origins, objectives, tactics, and international standings. Understanding these differences is essential for comprehending the complex dynamics in the Middle East.