Was Joe Biden At Ground Zero – Joe Biden 9/11 News Fact Check: During a speech commemorating the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, President Joe Biden made a claim that contradicts the factual record. He has risen to media’s attention for his statement during the speech. He stated that he was present at the World Trade Center site in New York City the day after the attacks, suggesting a personal witness to the immediate aftermath. However, his own autobiography places him in Washington, D.C., at that time.

Was Biden at ground zero? In his speech, President Biden also described witnessing a fireball caused by the plane that crashed in rural Pennsylvania after passengers revolted. However, his own book only mentions seeing “a brown haze of smoke” during that moment, not a fireball.

The President’s statement was made while addressing U.S. troops in Anchorage, Alaska, on the 22nd anniversary of the tragic events. He mentioned Ground Zero in New York,

Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon in Virginia as places where he had spent previous 9/11 anniversaries to remember those lost.

These inconsistencies in President Biden’s recollection raise questions about the accuracy of his statements and the importance of precise recollection, particularly on such solemn occasions as the September 11 anniversary. Fact-checking plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of public discourse and honouring the memory of those affected by the tragic events.

Where Was Joe Biden on 9/11

Where was Joe Biden on September 12, 2001? Joe Biden has claimed in a speech that he was present at the World Trade Centre site in New York City. Joe Biden’s claim of being present in New York City the day after the 9/11 attacks appears to be contradicted by the account he provided in his 2007 autobiography, ‘Promises to Keep.’

Joe Biden 9/11 News : In the book, he wrote about his arrival in Washington on the morning of September 11, 2001. He described observing a “brown haze of smoke” after American Airlines Flight 77 struck the Pentagon, a clear

indication that he was in Washington, D.C., at that time. He also explicitly mentioned heading back to the Capitol the next morning, which would have been September 12, 2001.

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The White House has provided evidence, including a photograph and an article, that shows Joe Biden touring Ground Zero on September 20, 2001, almost nine days after the attacks. At the time, he was serving as a senator for Delaware. A White House official confirmed that the President’s first visit to the World Trade Center site occurred nine days after the terrorist attacks, as part of a bipartisan delegation from the Senate.

These discrepancies between the President’s statement and his own autobiography, as well as the White House-provided evidence, raise questions about the accuracy of his recollection of the events

surrounding 9/11. Fact-checking and precision in historical accounts are important to maintain the integrity of public statements, especially on significant occasions like the September 11 anniversary.