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Katie Porter’s ex-husband is Matthew Hoffman. The two were married but divorced in 2013. Their marriage was marked by allegations of abusive behavior from both sides, as detailed in divorce records.

The cause of divorce was Matthew Hoffman Katie Porter accusations against each other. Hoffman accused Porter of smashing a glass coffee pot due to cleanliness concerns, dumping hot mashed potatoes on his head, and frequently insulting him.

Porter and Hoffman decided to live together after filing for divorce for the sake of their children.

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They attended anger management classes together in 2009. Porter’s campaign has denied Hoffman’s allegations, describing them as false. In 2014, they reached an agreement involving spousal and child support payments and shared custody of their children.

Katie Porter Husband Matthew Hoffman

California Representative Katie Porter, who is running for Senate, faces renewed scrutiny as divorce records obtained by the Daily Mail reveal accusations of abusive behavior toward her ex-husband and children.

Katie Porter ex husband , Matthew Hoffman, alleged that Porter engaged in abusive actions. This included smashing a glass coffee pot on the counter over cleanliness concerns and dumping a bowl of steaming mashed potatoes on his head, causing burns to his scalp.

He also claimed she frequently hurled insults, calling him “incompetent” and more.

These accusations come on the heels of earlier allegations of running a toxic workplace in her congressional office.

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Katie Porter, a Democratic congresswoman, announced her Senate candidacy earlier this year and is expected to contend with Democratic representatives Adam Schiff and Barbara Lee for the Senate seat being vacated by Dianne Feinstein.

Porter, known for her sharp exchanges and unorthodox style during congressional hearings, has gained popularity within the Democratic Party.

However, questions about her temperament and workplace conduct could pose challenges in her Senate race.

Prior to her Senate campaign, former Porter staffers took to social media to accuse her of screaming and belittling employees, creating a toxic work environment.

Some former staff members described Porter as driven by a desire for fame and power, and they alleged inappropriate behaviour such as making offensive jokes and dismissing a sexual harassment allegation by one of her staffers.

Porter had previously addressed accusations of domestic violence during her 2018 congressional run, portraying herself as a victim.

She detailed instances of physical violence by her ex-husband, including incidents where he allegedly ripped dental floss from her hands and shoved their one-year-old daughter across the kitchen.

Porter emphasized her role as a mother and protector of her family.

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The divorce records reveal a contentious relationship between Porter and Hoffman, with both parties making allegations against each other.

Despite the allegations and their divorce, the couple continued to live together for the sake of their three children, with Porter as the sole breadwinner.

The records also indicate that they attended anger management classes together in the past.

Porter’s campaign has refuted Hoffman’s allegations, labelling them as “false.”

The couple reached an agreement in 2014, which included spousal and child support payments by Porter and shared custody of their children.

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Who is Matthew Hoffman?

Matthew Hoffman is the ex-husband of Katie Porter, a U.S. Representative from California. Their marriage ended in divorce in 2013.

When did Matthew and Katie divorce?

Matthew Hoffman and Katie Porter divorced in 2013.