Who Will Gavin Newsom Appoint?

With the Democrat’s precarious majority in the U.S. Senate, California Governor Gavin Newsom faces heightened pressure to swiftly select a replacement for the late Senator Dianne Feinstein. With the death of Senate Dianne Feinstein, the question, Who Will Gavin Newsom Appoint? has been raised. Gavin Newsom is yet to make the decision.

Governor Newsom had previously pledged to appoint a Black woman in 2021 amid growing concerns about Senator Feinstein’s health. His commitment to diversity in representation was clear. However, it’s a promise that now comes with complex implications given Feinstein’s passing.

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Newsom’s promise to appoint a Black woman has placed him in a challenging position, with some leaders, notably calling for the appointment of Representative Barbara Lee, a prominent Black woman in California’s political landscape. This underscores the complex dynamics Governor Newsom must navigate within his own Democratic constituency.

Senate Dianne Feinstein Replacement

As the speculation surrounding his decision intensifies, Governor Newsom’s political allies and advisers have remained notably quiet. Newsom himself has avoided public appearances that would inevitably lead to inquiries about his choice.

This is not Governor Newsom’s first time selecting a U.S. senator. He previously had the responsibility of appointing a replacement for Kamala Harris when she assumed the role of Vice President. However, choosing a successor for Senator Feinstein is a task he openly admitted he did not desire.

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Governor Newsom holds sole authority in naming Senator Feinstein’s successor, which includes the option of picking himself, though it’s considered unlikely. While he could also call a special election, this is not anticipated. In a statement marking her death, he paid tribute to Feinstein’s legacy.

Feinstein’s passing leaves Senate Democrats with zero margin for error until a successor is appointed, given the Senate’s razor-thin majority. This situation has been further complicated by calls for the resignation of indicted Senator Robert Menendez, who has so far refused to step down.

Governor Newsom’s decision, whatever it may be, carries the risk of alienating key allies, both locally and on a national scale, given his potential future national political aspirations. Balancing these considerations is no easy feat for the governor.

Adding complexity to the situation is Governor Newsom’s personal relationship with the late Senator Feinstein. Their long-standing connection, dating back to his childhood, is marked by mutual respect and familial regard. Newsom’s deep personal ties with Feinstein add an emotional layer to this already challenging decision.

As Governor Newsom navigates this delicate choice, it’s clear that his decision will shape not only California’s political landscape but also his own political trajectory on the national stage.

Gavin Newsom Senate Seat

Governor Newsom made a commitment earlier in September during a ‘Meet the Press’ interview, vowing not to appoint any of the three high-profile Democrats who had already declared their intent to run for the Senate seat. These individuals included Representatives Barbara Lee, Adam Schiff, and Katie Porter. Instead, Newsom signaled his intention to appoint an interim senator, essentially a caretaker, until the upcoming election cycle allows voters to decide.

Newsom’s rationale behind choosing an interim appointee is to avoid interference in the Democratic primary, which is just months away. The governor emphasized the importance of fairness to the candidates who have dedicated their efforts to the primary race, stating, “I don’t want to tip the balance of that.”

In his statement following Senator Feinstein’s passing, Governor Newsom paid tribute to her remarkable legacy. He highlighted her trailblazing role as a powerful and tenacious U.S. Senator, known for her early advocacy of gun control and her leadership in times of national tragedy and turmoil.


Who will replace Senate Dianne Feinstein?

Gavin Newsom is supposed to replace Senate Dianne Feinstein.