In the world of professional wrestling, Adam Copeland, better known as Edge, has married not just once but thrice. Adam Copeland wife Beth Phoenix is his current wife whereas Alannah Morley and Lisa Ortiz are his ex-wives.

Adam Copeland (Edge WWE) has captured the hearts of fans not only with his incredible athleticism but also with his enduring love story. Through the twists and turns of his personal life, he has found love three times, with wives Alannah Morley, Lisa Ortiz, and Beth Phoenix. Let’s take a closer look at the romantic journey of this wrestling legend and the women who have shared his life.

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Adam Copeland Spouse: Beth Phoenix, Alannah Morley, And Lisa Ortiz

Full nameAdam Copeland Spouse
Marriage to Alannah MorleyAlannah Morley 2001-2004
Marriage to Lisa OrtizLisa Ortiz 2004-2005
Marriage to Beth PhoenixBeth Phoenix 2016-Present
Lyric and Ruby Children
Adam Copeland Spouse: Beth Phoenix, Alannah Morley, And Lisa Ortiz

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Edge WWE Wife Alannah Morley

Adam Copeland’s journey of marraiages began with his first wife, Alannah Morley. In 1998, Edge and his first wife’s Alannah Morley love story unfolded. It eventually led to their union in marriage on November 8, 2001. However, their marital bliss was short-lived, as they decided to part ways. They finalized their divorce on March 10, 2004. Despite the brevity of their union, it was the first chapter in Copeland’s quest for love and companionship.

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Edge’s Second Wife Lisa Ortiz

Soon after his second marriage to Lisa Ortiz on October 21, 2004, the wrestling world was taken by surprise. Copeland was again in an affair with fellow wrestler Lita (Amy Dumas), who was then in a relationship with his close friend Matt Hardy. This affair, which became public knowledge in February 2005, rocked the wrestling community and led to the dissolution of Copeland’s marriage to Ortiz. Their divorce was finalized on November 17, 2005, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another tumultuous period in Copeland’s personal life.

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Adam Copeland Wife Beth Phoenix

Amidst the complexities of his earlier marital relationships, Adam Copeland eventually found true love in the world of professional wrestling. Adam Copeland wife Beth Phoenix (Natalie Kocianski) was the perfect one for him.

Beth Phoenix Kids

On December 12, 2013, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Lyric, into the world. Their happiness doubled when they had a second daughter, Ruby, on May 31, 2016. The bond between Copeland and Phoenix grew stronger with time, and on October 30, 2016—his 43rd birthday—they exchanged vows, marking a new chapter filled with love, family, and professional success.

Adam Copeland’s journey through marriage has been marked by highs and lows, but through it all, he’s found love and stability with Beth Phoenix. As he continues to make his mark in the wrestling world and beyond, his family remains an essential source of support and happiness. With a loving wife and two beautiful daughters by his side, Adam Copeland, the wrestler known as Edge, has discovered a profound sense of fulfilment both inside and outside the ring.


Who is Adam Copeland, also known as Edge?

Adam Copeland, popularly known as Edge, is a Canadian professional wrestler and actor, widely regarded as one of the greatest in the industry.

How many times has Edge been married?

Edge has been married three times in his life.

Who were Edge’s wives?

Edge’s wives are Alannah Morley, Lisa Ortiz, and Beth Phoenix.

How many children does Edge have?

Edge has two daughters, Lyric and Ruby, with his wife Beth Phoenix.

What is Edge’s current wrestling affiliation?

As of now, Edge is signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and competes under his legal name, Adam Copeland.