Jack Nicholson Wife, Children, and Relationships

Long List of Jack Nicholson Wife, Children, and Relationships: Jack Nicholson, the renowned actor, has a family that includes six children from different relationships. His first child, Jennifer Nicholson, was born in 1963 during his marriage to Sandra Knight. Seven years later, he had a son named Caleb Goddard with Susan

Anspach, his co-star in “Five Easy Pieces.” In 1981, Honey Hollman was born, his daughter with model Winnie Hollman, although she was raised in Denmark. With actress Rebecca Broussard, he shares daughter Lorraine and son Ray. In 1994, his youngest daughter, Tessa Gourin, was born.

Jack Nicholson Wife, Children, and Relationships

Sandra Knight (1962-1968)Jennifer Nicholson (b. 1963)
Susan AnspachCaleb Goddard (b. 1969)
Winnie HollmanHoney Hollman
Rebecca BroussardLorraine Nicholson (b. 1990)
Ray Nicholson (b. 1992)
Jennine GourinTessa Gourin (b. 1994)

Fatherhood and Relationships

Jack’s relationship with his children has been a mix of mentorship and bonding. He’s strived to be a positive influence without overwhelming them. Reading to them from a young age and introducing them to various experiences, including opera and ballet, was part of his parenting philosophy. He’s made sure they are comfortable around show business.

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Jack Nicholson Wife

Jack Nicholson’s first and only marriage was to actress Sandra Knight in 1962, which lasted until 1968. They had a daughter, Jennifer Nicholson. Afterward, he had relationships with Susan Anspach, Winnie Hollman, and Rebecca Broussard, resulting in the births of Caleb Goddard, Honey Hollman, Lorraine Nicholson, and Ray Nicholson, respectively. His youngest daughter, Tessa Gourin, remains estranged from him.

Jack Nicholson Children

Jennifer Nicholson (b. 1963)

Jennifer Nicholson, Jack’s daughter, pursued a diverse career, including movie set design, acting, and interior design. She also ventured into the fashion industry, with her own fashion brand and a collection featured at

New York Fashion Week. Jennifer has two children of her own, Duke and Sean Norfleet, and her son Duke has followed in his grandfather’s footsteps by pursuing acting.

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Caleb Goddard (b. 1969)

Caleb Goddard, Jack’s son with Susan Anspach, was subject to a paternity dispute. Although Jack publicly denied paternity, Caleb claimed that Jack recognized him as his son in private. The situation remained complicated and unclear.

Honey Hollman

Honey Hollman, Jack’s daughter with Winnie Hollman, was raised in Denmark by her mother. Her connection with her father and details of her life have remained relatively private.

Lorraine (b. 1990) and Ray Nicholson (b. 1992)

Lorraine and Ray Nicholson, Jack’s children with Rebecca Broussard, have shared a close bond with their father. They have been seen together at various events, including Lakers games and the Golden Globes. Ray, in particular, has pursued a career in acting.

Tessa Gourin (b. 1994)

Tessa Gourin, Jack’s youngest daughter, has had little to no relationship with her father throughout her life. Despite acknowledging her biological connection to Jack Nicholson, they have rarely interacted. Tessa shared her experiences in a Newsweek article, highlighting the absence of a father-daughter relationship in her life.