David Soul, renowned for his roles in Starsky & Hutch and his chart-topping music career, leaves behind a legacy that extends beyond the glitz of Hollywood. Amidst five marriages, Soul became a father to five sons and a daughter, creating a rich tapestry of family life. 5 David Soul Spouse: Helen, Julia, Patti, Karen, Mirriam All About David Soul Wives

David Soul Children

NameMotherOccupation/Notable Information
PatrickMirriam Russeth (1st wife)Private figure, the silent anchor
JasonKaren Carlson (2nd wife)Actor, director, and stage enthusiast
Lynne MartaNo children; brief but impactful relationship
Matthew and ScottPatti Carnel Sherman (4th wife)Adopted sons, found refuge and acceptance
China SoulJulia Nickson (5th wife)Singer-songwriter, inheritor of artistic spirit
David Soul Children

David Soul Family

David Soul, the iconic actor and singer, fathered a diverse and talented brood throughout his five marriages. Patrick, born from his first marriage, maintains a private profile, embodying the silent anchor in Soul’s life. Jason, a product of his union with Karen Carlson, delves into acting, directing, and the thrill of the stage, showcasing a charisma reminiscent of his famous father. Lynne Marta, though not a mother of Soul’s children, played a brief yet impactful role in his life, leaving an invisible thread in the melody of his personal story. Helen Snell Soul Wikipedia, Images, Age, Net Worth, – David Soul Wife

Matthew and Scott, adopted during Soul’s marriage to Patti Carnel Sherman, reflect the capacity for love beyond bloodlines, finding refuge and acceptance despite the shadows of marital challenges. Finally, China Soul, the radiant daughter born of love with Julia Nickson, inherits an artistic spirit, pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter.

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David Soul Wives

David Soul’s life journey included five marriages, each contributing its own chapter to the actor’s personal story. Mirriam Russeth, his first wife, marked the tender beginnings of Soul’s family life. Karen Carlson, with whom he shared a whirlwind romance, became both a co-star and a life partner.

Lynne Marta, while not a wife, played a significant role in Soul’s life, leaving an impact between the lines of his personal narrative. Patti Carnel Sherman, Soul’s fourth wife, brought both turbulence and the addition of two adopted sons, Matthew and Scott, highlighting the complexities of familial love. Actress Julia Nickson, his fifth wife, blessed Soul with a daughter, China, carrying forward the artistic legacy. Helen Snell, his last wife, witnessed the later chapters of Soul’s life.

China Soul: David Soul Daughter

The radiant daughter born from Soul’s love with Julia Nickson, China Soul inherited not just a name but an artistic spirit. A singer-songwriter, she carved her own path, with her voice carrying the whispers of her father’s musical soul. China Soul Net Worth, Images, Wikipedia, Husband- David Soul Daughter

In the tapestry of David Soul’s family, each child represents a verse in the poem of fatherhood. The shared Christmases, whispered secrets, and unspoken apologies are interwoven with Hollywood’s glare and the solace found in stolen moments of normalcy. David Soul navigated the complexities of fatherhood, learning and growing alongside his children.

China Soul David Soul Daughter

Brendan Soul

Brendan’s sibllings are China Soul, Jon soul, Tyler soul. He is the son of David Soul. Brendan’s uncle is Rev. Solberg. And his grandparents are Richard W. Solberg, June Solberg.

Patrick: The Silent Anchor from Soul’s First Marriage

From his initial union with actress Mirriam Russeth, Patrick emerged as the silent anchor in Soul’s life. Although maintaining a private profile, Patrick represents the tender beginnings of Soul’s journey into fatherhood.

Jason: Embracing the Spotlight, Continuing the Legacy

Born of Soul’s romance with Karen Carlson, his co-star in “Here Come the Brides,” Jason embraced the entertainment world. Acting, directing, and embracing the thrill of the stage, Jason inherits a touch of his father’s charisma while seeking his own spotlight.

Lynne Marta: An Invisible Thread in Soul’s Melody

In a brief yet impactful relationship with actress Lynne Marta, Soul didn’t have children, but her influence resonates in the melody of his life, a note played between the lines of his personal story.

Matthew and Scott: Embraced Outsiders from Troubled Times

With Patti Carnel Sherman came turbulence but also the addition of two adopted sons, Matthew and Scott. Despite the shadows of marital challenges, they found refuge and acceptance in the arms of Soul, showcasing his capacity for love beyond bloodlines.

As the tapestry unfolds, grandchildren add new threads, and David Soul, once a young detective with a song in his heart, now walks with the wisdom of a grandfather. His family’s tapestry stands as the most treasured legacy, woven from the threads of life, unique and beautiful, just like the soul that created it.

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