Yago Riedijk aged 31, a Dutch national, was born and raised in De Laar, located four miles from the center of Arnhem, Holland. He hailed from a seemingly ordinary middle-class family, with his parents, Ankie and Lex, residing in the same house for over 40 years.

Yago Riedijk Age

The exact age of Yago Riedijk is 31. At 27, Riedijk was being held in a Kurdish detention center in north-eastern Syria.

Yago Riedijk Wikipedia

Yago Riedijk Biography
ParentsAnkie and Lex Riedijk
ChildrenThree with Shamima Begum, all deceased
Net Worth (2024)Not applicable
BackgroundBorn and raised in Arnhem, Holland
ReligionConverted to Islam
InvolvementJoined ISIS in Syria in October 2014
Marital StatusMarried Shamima Begum in 2015
Current StatusDetained in a Kurdish-run prison in Syria
Yago Riedijk Wikipedia

Yago Riedijk Parents

Yago Riedijk’s parents are Ankie and Lex Riedijk. Details about his parents beyond their names and his familial background in Arnhem, Holland, are limited.

Riedijk’s father worked as an engineer at the local railway, while his sister pursued studies in physics at a nearby university. Despite this seemingly conventional upbringing, Riedijk underwent a significant transformation when he converted to Islam and ultimately joined the ranks of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS).

Yago Riedijk Ethnicity

Yago Riedijk is of Dutch ethnicity. He was born and raised in Arnhem, Holland, which suggests a Dutch cultural and ethnic heritage.

Yago Riedijk Shamima Begum Husband

In October 2014, Riedijk departed his hometown and ventured into the heart of Syria, leaving behind his former life in pursuit of extremist ideology. It was in this war-torn region that he encountered Shamima Begum, a British-born woman of Bangladeshi descent, who had also journeyed to Syria to join IS at the tender age of 15.

Shamima Begum Husband

The couple’s paths intertwined, leading to a union that would garner international attention and condemnation. Just ten days after Begum’s arrival in Syria, she and Riedijk exchanged vows, despite the legal and ethical complexities surrounding their union, given Begum’s underage status at the time.

Yago Riedijk Children

Yago Riedijk had three children with his wife, Shamima Begum. All three children tragically died young while the family resided in IS-controlled territory in Syria. The specifics of their lives and circumstances remain largely undisclosed.

Yago Riedijk Net Worth 2024

Information about Yago Riedijk’s net worth as of 2024 is not available. Riedijk’s involvement with ISIS and subsequent detention in Syria suggest that financial matters are likely not applicable to his current situation. As such, his net worth, if any, remains unknown and is likely not a relevant aspect of his life at present.

Life in Syria and Tragic Losses

Following their marriage, Riedijk and Begum attempted to build a life within the confines of IS-controlled territory. However, their aspirations were marred by tragedy as they endured the loss of all three of their children, each succumbing to the harsh realities of life in a conflict zone.

Despite these devastating setbacks, Riedijk and Begum remained entangled in the web of extremism, with Begum reportedly receiving benefits from IS, as revealed in exclusive footage obtained by The Sun in 2020.

Current Status- Yago Riedijk Where is He Now?

As of the latest reports, Riedijk finds himself detained in a Kurdish-run prison in Syria, while the precise details of his legal status remain undisclosed. Despite his incarceration, Riedijk’s ties to extremism continue to reverberate, with questions lingering about his involvement in terrorist activities and his potential role in radicalizing others.

Meanwhile, Begum remains embroiled in her own legal battles, grappling with the repercussions of her association with IS and her fervent desire to return to her home country, despite facing vehement opposition from government authorities.

Yago Riedijk’s journey from a quiet Dutch suburb to the heart of Syria’s conflict epitomizes the allure and dangers of extremist ideology. His marriage to Shamima Begum serves as a stark reminder of the human cost of terrorism, characterized by loss, manipulation, and shattered lives.


What nationality are Shamima Begum’s parents?

Shamima Begum’s parents are of Bangladeshi ancestry.

What nationality is Shamima Begum’s husband?

Yago Riedijk, Shamima Begum’s husband, is of Dutch nationality.

What happened to Begum’s husband?

Yago Riedijk, after being detained in Syria, is reportedly held in a Kurdish-run prison. The specifics of his legal status and future remain undisclosed.

How many children did Shamima Begum have?

Shamima Begum had three children, all of whom tragically died young while the family resided in IS-controlled territory in Syria.

Was Shamima Begum groomed by ISIS?

In interviews, Shamima Begum has acknowledged feeling groomed and manipulated by ISIS propaganda, stating that she was misled about the true nature of the organization before traveling to Syria.