The recent National Party campaign launch held on Father’s Day took an endearing twist when the children of Christopher Luxon, William luxon, and Olivia Luxon, took the stage to introduce their dad to the public. In this spotlight, William Luxon, Christopher son, shared a glimpse into the family’s personal life, offering a heartwarming and humorous perspective on the man behind the politician.

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Who is William Luxon Christopher Luxon Son

Full NameWilliam Luxon
EducationUniversity of Auckland
OccupationTemporary Cabin Crew Member, Air New Zealand
Height186 centimeters
Christopher Luxon FamilySon of Christopher Luxon and Amanda Luxon, sibling to Olivia Luxon
BackgroundPart of the Luxon family, which includes a successful figure in New Zealand business and politics

William Luxon

William Luxon, the son of former Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon, took a different path within the airline. He joined as a temporary cabin crew member. He completed his education at the University of Auckland. William luxon height is 186 centimeters which is impressive enough and meets the requirements for his role. William is now part of the Air New Zealand team, contributing to the airline’s summer operations.

William Luxon Parents And Family

William is part of the Luxon family, which includes his father Christopher, his mother Amanda, and sister Olivia. Christopher Luxon, a notable figure in New Zealand business and politics, was appointed Air New Zealand’s chief executive in June 2012. He has had a successful career, which reflects in his impressive salary and bonuses during his tenure.

Christopher Luxon’s own journey began in Christchurch in 1970 as the eldest of three boys. His family relocated to Auckland when he was seven, and they settled in Howick. At 15, he returned to Christchurch to complete his high school years before enrolling at Canterbury University, where he earned a Master in Commerce with a focus on Business Administration. His path led him to a management trainee program with Unilever before he eventually joined the ranks of Air New Zealand.

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William Luxon: Tribute to His Father

William Luxon, and Olivia Luxon, former Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon children, delivered a heartfelt tribute to his father during National’s campaign launch on Father’s Day.

The siblings painted a picture of Christopher Luxon as a principled, trustworthy, compassionate, and hard-working individual, emphasizing that he is the same dedicated person in both his public and private life. They humorously recounted moments when their father’s conversations left them waiting in the car.

They praised their father’s deep capacity for listening, teaching them the importance of valuing people and using their skills to help others.

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Who is Christopher Luxon?

Christopher Luxon is a New Zealand politician and a member of the National Party. He is a former CEO of Air New Zealand and is currently seeking a role in New Zealand’s government.

Who are Christopher Luxon’s children?

Christopher Luxon has two children, William and Olivia, who recently introduced him during a National campaign event.

Who is Christopher Luxon’s son?

Christopher Luxon’s son is William Luxon.

Who is Christopher Luxon’s wife?

Christopher Luxon’s wife is Amanda Luxon.

Who is Christopher Luxon’s daughter?

Christopher Luxon’s daughter is Olivia Luxon.