In a shocking and heart-wrenching case that has sent shockwaves through the community, Christopher McGowan has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 23 years for the murder of his girlfriend, Claire Inglis. The story is not only one of tragedy but also of betrayal and brutality that is difficult to fathom.

Who is Christopher McGowan?

Christopher McGowan is a 28-year-old man whose brief relationship with Claire Inglis took a terrifying turn. After only eight weeks together, McGowan was released on bail and moved into Inglis’s flat, where the unimaginable unfolded. The court found him guilty of brutally murdering Inglis, and his actions during the trial showed a chilling lack of remorse.

McGowan’s criminal history was marked by numerous convictions, and he was on multiple bail orders at the time of the murder. His inconsistent explanations for the events and the extreme violence he inflicted on Inglis painted a disturbing picture of this individual, whose actions shocked the community and led to a life sentence.

Christopher McGowan Girlfriend, Family

The 28-year-old McGowan and his girlfriend, Claire Inglis, who was also 28, had been in a relationship for a mere eight weeks when the unimaginable tragedy occurred. McGowan was released on bail and moved into Inglis’s housing association flat, where she lived with her young son.

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A curfew was imposed on McGowan between 21:00 and 07:00, but this did little to prevent the horrifying events that unfolded.

During the trial at the High Court in Edinburgh, Judge Michael O’Grady described McGowan’s actions as “beyond sadistic” and emphasized that Claire Inglis had suffered “nothing short of torture” at his hands. McGowan’s brutality was chilling, as he showed no emotion, distress, or remorse throughout the proceedings.

The Deceptive Pretexts for Bail

The court learned that bail had been granted to McGowan on the grounds that he wished to attend his mother’s funeral without handcuffs after her passing. He claimed to be in a “positive” relationship with Inglis and promised to overcome his Valium addiction and alcohol abuse. However, once he moved into the flat, a sinister transformation took place. McGowan began pawning Inglis’s personal belongings, including a sentimental watch she received for her 21st birthday and her son’s PlayStation.

A Gruesome and Sustained Attack

What followed was a gruesome and sustained attack on Claire Inglis. McGowan battered, strangled, and even burned her with a lighter, pushing a wet wipe down her throat. The extent of the violence was horrifying, and it left Inglis with 76 injuries, including blunt force impacts to her head and face and extensive bruising to her skull.

Christopher McGowan Criminal History

A jury, after deliberating for just over two hours, found McGowan guilty of murder. His previous criminal history included 40 convictions, including three for assault. At the time of Inglis’s murder, he was on five bail orders and had served an 18-month jail term for assault and robbery.

Throughout the trial, McGowan offered a series of inconsistent explanations for the events, ranging from claiming Inglis fell down the stairs to asserting she had overdosed on Valium. None of his explanations could justify the horrific brutality he had inflicted upon his girlfriend.

The aftermath of the attack revealed a chaotic scene in Inglis’s St Ninians’ flat, with paramedics responding to the horrifying incident. McGowan had followed the paramedics inside, falsely claiming that Inglis had fallen down the stairs and taken a dangerous combination of drugs.

The judge, during sentencing, noted that McGowan had refused to accept responsibility and had gone to great lengths to minimize his involvement.

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