Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson, commonly known as Cassidy Hutchinson, is an accomplished American politician and former White House aide, with a net worth of $3 million as of 2023. Let’s delve into the details and find out Where did Cassidy Hutchinson go to School and Who are Cassidy Hutchinson Parents.

Her journey to political prominence and her net worth accumulation have been shaped by her service in the world of politics, particularly during the Donald Trump administration. She held pivotal roles, including her position as an Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff in the White House.

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Cassidy Hutchinson Education Background

Full nameCassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)Christopher Newport University, Virginia
High School DiplomaHopewell Valley Central High School, New Jersey
Cassidy Hutchinson Education Background

Where did Cassidy Hutchinson go to School

Her educational journey is marked by dedication and achievement. Cassidy completed her early schooling at a local primary school and then progressed to junior school for further education. She later attended Hopewell Valley Central High School in New Jersey, where she graduated with distinction.

Hutchinson’s pursuit of higher education led her to Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia, where she pursued her studies from 2015 to 2018. During her time at the university, she displayed academic excellence and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political Science and American Studies.

Cassidy Hutchinson was born in 1996-1997 in Pennington, New Jersey, into a well-established Christian family in the United States. She spent her formative years in Pennington and currently resides in Washington, D.C. As an American citizen, she practices Christianity as her religion, and her ethnic background is White with American descent.

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Who are Cassidy Hutchinson Parents

Hutchinson, the accomplished American politician and former White House aide, comes from a supportive and relatively private family background. Cassidy Hutchinson parents, Richard Hutchinson and Angela Hutchinson, have been pillars of support throughout her journey in politics.

Richard Hutchinson is her father and is associated with a reputable business in New Jersey, reflecting a strong work ethic and possibly contributing to Cassidy’s values and dedication to her career.

Angela Hutchinson, her mother, is a devoted stay-at-home mother. Her role in providing a nurturing environment and support for Cassidy’s pursuits is undoubtedly a vital part of Cassidy’s life.

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Cassidy Hutchinson’s career in politics began to take shape during her time at Christopher Newport University. She embarked on a journey into political science and American Studies, which laid the foundation for her future endeavours.

While still a student at Christopher Newport University, Hutchinson embarked on valuable internships. He worked for Republican Senator Ted Cruz in the summer of 2016 and for Steve Scalise, the spokesman of the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, in the summer of 2016. 2017. These experiences provided her with a firsthand understanding of the political landscape.

In the summer of 2018, she secured a significant role as an intern at the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. Her dedication and performance led to her being hired as a staff member. Soon after, she became the top aide to Mark Meadows, a key figure during the Trump administration, and held the prestigious titles of Special Secretary of the President and Director for Legislative Affairs. She even had an office just a few steps from the Oval Office, emphasizing her proximity to the centre of power.

Notably, Cassidy Hutchinson gained public attention when she appeared before the U.S. House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol. Her deposition provided insights into President Donald Trump’s actions and those of his top advisers and political allies in the aftermath of the Capitol attack. She highlighted witnessing a diatribe by Trump, during which he expressed indifference to whether protestors were armed, as they weren’t perceived as a threat to him.

Cassidy Hutchinson Books

Cassidy Hutchinson has authored the book “Enough”. It is slated for release on September 26, 2023. This memoir promises to provide readers with an insider’s perspective on her experiences while working at the White House during the Trump administration.

Cassidy Hutchinson Net Worth

Cassidy Hutchinson has achieved a commendable net worth of $3 million as of 2023. Her financial success is primarily attributed to her dedicated service in the field of politics, notably during the Donald Trump administration, and her significant role as an assistant to the White House Chief of Staff.

Hutchinson’s income primarily stems from her political career, and when combined with other income sources, she earns an estimated annual income ranging from $80,000 to $150,000. Her tenure as the former Special Assistant to the President in the administration contributed between $60,968 and $78,756 per year, and she has also received additional compensation from various annual services related to her political career. In total, her political endeavours have added over $1 million to her net worth.


Is Cassidy Hutchinson Pregnant?

No. Cassidy Hutchinson is not pregnant. She is not even married.