In the world of legal education, the path to becoming a lawyer traditionally demands time and dedication. However, not all law degrees are created equal when it comes to the time investment required. In this article, we’ll explore What Is The Easiest Law Degree To Get, without the need for jargon or complex terminology.

What Is The Easiest Law Degree To Get

Law Degree TypeDescriptionDuration
Juris Doctor (JD)Primary degree for lawyers; combines theory and practiceAbout 7 years
Master of Legal StudiesIn-depth legal knowledge; not for practicing law12 months (approx.)
Master of Dispute ResolutionFocuses on negotiation skillsPostgraduate
Paralegal Studies (Associate)Prepares for paralegal role1-2 years
Paralegal Studies (Bachelor’s)Extended paralegal program3-4 years
What Is The Easiest Law Degree To Get?

What is a Law Degree?

A law degree is an academic program designed to equip students with a solid understanding of legal studies, covering essential topics like policy analysis and the workings of the court systems. Many law degree holders go on to become licensed attorneys, practicing litigation in various capacities. Others choose to leverage their legal knowledge in industries that intersect with the law.

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Let’s take a look at some common types of law degrees:

  1. Juris Doctor (JD): This is the primary degree for aspiring lawyers. It’s a doctoral program that combines legal theory with practical experience. Most licensed attorneys hold a JD from an American Bar Association (ABA)-accredited law school.
  2. Master of Legal Studies: A postgraduate degree that offers an in-depth exploration of legal knowledge. People pursuing this degree often focus on a specific area of law to enhance their credentials.
  3. Master of Dispute Resolution: Another postgraduate option, this degree equips individuals with the skills to negotiate legal matters effectively. Graduates often work as mediators in various fields, including healthcare, education, and human resources.
  4. Paralegal Studies: Available as an associate or bachelor’s degree, this program prepares students to work as professional legal assistants. Paralegals often engage in research and write case briefs for law firms, corporations, or government departments.

How Long Does It Typically Take to Earn a Law Degree?

The journey to a law degree is not a sprint; it’s more of a marathon. On average, it takes about seven years to earn a law degree, including JD and master’s programs. For instance, obtaining a JD involves completing a four-year bachelor’s degree and then spending an additional three years at an ABA-accredited law school.

Becoming a practicing lawyer also entails passing the state-specific American Bar Exam, which may require additional time. If you’re considering a paralegal degree, you can expect to invest a maximum of four years, depending on whether you pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree.

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What Are the Fastest Law Degrees?

If you’re looking for the Fastest Law Degrees to get, you have a couple of options:

  1. Master of Legal Studies: Some of these programs offer the possibility of graduating in just 12 months. Keep in mind that most master’s programs require a prior bachelor’s degree, and some may also require you to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  2. Paralegal Studies: Pursuing an associate degree in paralegal studies typically takes between one and two years, making it a relatively speedy option for those interested in the legal field.

In conclusion, while law degrees are often associated with years of rigorous study, there are faster alternatives available. The right choice for you will depend on your career goals, prior education, and the time you can commit to your legal studies. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to earning a law degree; it’s all about finding the path that suits your needs and aspirations.


What is the easiest law degree to get?
The quickest path to a law degree is often a Master of Legal Studies, taking about a year.

Can I become a lawyer with a Master of Legal Studies?
No, a Master of Legal Studies won’t qualify you as a lawyer. It’s more for legal knowledge without the bar exam.

How long does it take to become a paralegal?
Becoming a paralegal with an associate degree takes about one to two years.

What’s the shortest route to becoming a practicing attorney?
To practice law, you’d typically need a Juris Doctor (JD), which takes about seven years in total.

Do I need a bachelor’s degree for the fastest law degrees?
Yes, most programs, including Master of Legal Studies, require a prior bachelor’s degree for admission.