What is Anil Ambani Doing Now?

Anil Ambani, once a prominent figure in the business world and the sixth richest man globally, has faced a significant downturn in recent years.

Currently, Anil Ambani finds himself entangled in legal battles with the aftermath of his business empire’s downfall.

Despite his once towering presence in the business world, he now refrains from public appearances. He focuses on addressing the complexities surrounding Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure.

As he confronts these challenges, the future direction of his endeavors remains uncertain.

An ongoing arbitration dispute with Shanghai Electric Group over the Sasan Power Project has further complicated matters for Reliance Infrastructure. The Delhi High Court’s order to restrain the sale or transfer of assets worth over Rs 1100 crore underscores the severity of the legal challenges faced by Anil Ambani’s companies.

Anil Ambani Business Status

Reliance Capital, once a thriving financial institution, has seen its share price plummet drastically from its peak of Rs 2500 to a mere Rs 11.

The recent acquisition by IndusInd International Holdings Limited signals a shift in ownership, with lenders bearing a substantial loss of 63% of the outstanding debt.

What Happened To Anil Ambani- Is Anil Ambani Still Rich As Of 2024?

Anil Ambani isn’t still rich as he used to be. As Anil Ambani’s ventures, including Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure, have been embroiled in legal disputes and financial challenges. This has lead to a stark contrast from his previous stature.

Anil Ambani’s personal fortunes have mirrored the struggles of his business empire. Once worth over Rs 1.83 lakh crore, Anil now finds himself refraining from public appearances and grappling with the fallout of his financial setbacks.

His elder brother, Mukesh Ambani, stands in stark contrast as India and Asia’s richest man, dominating various business markets globally.

Reason Behind His Downfall

Financial Mismanagement: Poor financial decisions and overleveraging led to significant debt burdens for his companies, making them vulnerable to market fluctuations.

Business Failures: Several of Ambani’s ventures, including Reliance Communications, faced operational challenges and failed to generate expected revenues, further exacerbating financial strains.

Legal Disputes: Lengthy legal battles, such as the arbitration dispute with Shanghai Electric Group over the Sasan Power Project, drained resources and diverted attention from core business operations.

Market Dynamics: Economic downturns and industry disruptions, coupled with intense competition in sectors where Ambani’s companies operated, eroded profitability and investor confidence.

Lack of Diversification: Reliance Group’s heavy reliance on specific sectors, particularly telecommunications and infrastructure, left it vulnerable to sector-specific risks and limited its ability to weather market downturns.


What caused Anil Ambani’s financial downfall?
A mix of plummeting share prices, heavy debt, and legal battles, notably with Shanghai Electric Group, contributed to his financial decline.

What’s the current state of Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure?
Reliance Capital faces acquisition by IndusInd International Holdings, while Reliance Infrastructure is embroiled in a legal tussle over assets worth Rs 1100 crore.

How has Anil Ambani’s personal wealth been affected?
Once among the wealthiest globally, Ambani’s net worth has drastically fallen, prompting him to maintain a lower profile.