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Wayne LaPierre Jr., the long-standing CEO and executive vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), announced his resignation on January 5, 2024. The decision came amidst looming corruption allegations and an upcoming civil trial in Manhattan. This article delves into the life of Susan LaPierre, Wayne LaPierre’s wife, and Wayne Lapierre children whose involvement in NRA affairs has sparked controversy.

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Wayne Lapierre Children

Wayne LaPierre Jr., the former CEO and executive vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), does not have any children from his first marriage or his current marriage to Susan LaPierre.

The focus of public attention and scrutiny has primarily been on Wayne LaPierre’s role in the NRA, his resignation amid corruption allegations, and the controversies involving his wife, Susan LaPierre.

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Wayne Lapierre Family

Wayne LaPierre Jr.SelfAmerican executive vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA).
First WifeFormer SpouseNot Known
Susan LaPierreCurrent WifeMarried Wayne LaPierre in 1998.
Wayne Lapierre Family

Wayne Lapierre Wife Susan LaPierre

Susan LaPierre, born Susan Znidorka, entered Wayne LaPierre’s life in 1998, becoming his second wife. Hailing from Wisconsin, Susan’s upbringing involved a close connection with outdoor activities, particularly hunting and fishing. Her father played a pivotal role in imparting firearm skills, shaping her passion for guns and the outdoors.

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Wayne Lapierre First Wife

Wayne LaPierre’s personal life includes a previous marriage before his union with Susan LaPierre. Details about his first wife remain relatively private, and the couple’s decision to part ways is not extensively documented. The information about Wayne LaPierre’s first family, including any children from this union, remains undisclosed.

Susan LaPierre Photos

Susan LaPierre Photos

NRA Women’s Leadership Forum

Susan LaPierre has actively contributed to the NRA by founding the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum over a decade ago. The forum aims to recruit more women into the pro-gun rights organization. Susan’s quote on the forum’s website emphasizes the collective commitment of its members to protect personal freedoms, emphasizing that their interests extend beyond shooting and hunting.

Controversies Surrounding Susan LaPierre

Despite her contributions, Susan LaPierre has faced criticism. In August 2019, revelations surfaced about the NRA allocating substantial funds for premium hair and makeup services during Susan’s nationwide appearances.

Susan LaPierre Pictures

The organization also covered air travel and lavish accommodations for stylists. Additionally, records obtained by The Trace and The New Yorker indicated that Susan leveraged her status to secretly ship animal trophies from a safari in Botswana to the U.S., where the couple received free taxidermy work.

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