Prof V Kamakoti is the director of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He is an IIT Madras alumnus who has served as the Associate Dean for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (ICSR), at IIT Madras.

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In the directorial position, Prof V Kamakoti succeeded Prof Bhaskar Ramamurthi, who stepped down after completing two terms. Kamakoti also served as a member of the National Security Advisory Board, Government of India. He is an excellent teacher, researcher, and administrator.

He has played key roles in many national projects. He is a cybersecurity expert who helped in the development of India’s first indigenous microprocessor Shakti. Shakti can be used in mobile computing devices and networking systems. 

It is because of him, IIT Madras is now looking forward to opening the IIT Zanzibar campus, which is the first ever overseas IIT campus abroad. And, Kamakoti appointed the first woman director in chief for the IIT abroad campus, Preeti Aghalayam.

V Kamakoti Wiki, Biography

V Kamakoti

Kamakoti is a 55-year-old director of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, who was born in a small rural life in Tamil Nadu. His early childhood was spent with his grandparents in a village, Vishnupuram, in southern Tamil Nadu. That was when he explored and learned about organic farming. His home was his first school for learning the difficulties of growing crops and understanding a tough rural life. He moved to the city for his primary and secondary schooling.

Later he completed his secondary school education at the renowned PS Senior Secondary School in Mylapore in the heart of Chennai. He was good at Maths and physics.

He got the most support from his father, N Veezhinathan, who was a Sanskrit scholar at Madras University.

Full nameProf Veezhinathan Kamakoti
Date of Birth1968
BornVishnupuram, Tamil Nadu
Age 55 years as of 2023
Father’s nameN Veezhinathan(Sanskrit scholar of Madras University)
EducationBS in Computer science at the Kanchi Mutt-incubated Venkateswara Engineering College
MS, PhD at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
V Kamakoti Wiki

V Kamakoti Date of Birth

V Kamakoti Date of Age: Prof. V Kamakoti is 55 years old as of 2023 and is the director of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

V Kamakoti Education

V Kamakoti went to PS Senior Secondary School in Mylapore for his secondary education. He was a genius in Maths and science because of the strong foundation laid by his teachers for him. He secured 99.5 per cent in his CBSE 12th boards exam. Initially, he wanted to pursue BSc maths at the famous Vivekananda College; but it didn’t happen. And he went for his BS degree in Computer science at the Kanchi Mutt-incubated Venkateswara Engineering College. 

V Kamakoti Education: After his BE, Kamakoti joined IIT-Madras for MS and continued to do his PhD. He is a PhD degree holder who specialises in computer architecture, information security, and VLSI design. He pursued his degree from IIT Madras thus, he is an IIT Madras alumni who served the institution even after completion of his education.

V Kamakoti Wife

Kamakoti’s wife name is Renuka. She has been a supporting pillar for V Kamati during his struggling periods. She supported the family when he was doing his post-doctoral research at IISC and IMSc.

V Kamakoti’s Facts

  • V Kamakoti is a Carnatic music lover and singer
  • He has an inexplicable knowledge of organic farming, it is also his interest
  • He quit his corporate job and joined Madras as an assistant professor for one-tenth of the salary
  • V Kamakoti loves violin playing
  • Abdul Kalam was his inspiration for developing Shakti

V Kamakoti Publications 

  • JUGAAD: Comprehensive Malware Behavior-as-a-Service
  • Building the SHAKTI microprocessor.
  • Depending on HTTP/2 for Privacy? Good Luck!
  • VNF-DOC: A Dynamic Overload Controller for Virtualized Network Functions in Cloud.
  • Sparsity-Aware Caches to Accelerate Deep Neural Networks.

Doctoral Theses Guided

  • 2017 – Emerging computing techniques for low power error resilient designs (Neel Talakshi Gala, Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
  • 2014 – Studies on border length minimization and quadratic assignment problems. (Srinivasan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
  • 2013 – Power, area and performance optimization techniques for look-up table-based FPGAs. (Shyamala, K.Indian Institute of Technology Madras)

V Kamakoti Honours and Awards

Prof. V. Kamakoti has received a number of honours and awards for his achievements at IIT Madras. Here are some of the awards he received in the following years.

2007IITM Young Faculty Recognition Award (YFRA)
2013DRDO Academy Excellence Award
2016IBM Faculty Award
2018ACCS-CDAC Foundation Award
2020Abdul Kalam Technology Innovation National Fellowship
V Kamakoti Honours and Awards