There is a special kind of excitement that entails movies related to survival. Watching such titles plunges
viewers into a kaleidoscope of thought processes where they’re deducing the survival of the character
on-screen or thinking about how they would’ve done it, were they in their shoes. Whatever the case, a well-
structured survival movie can invoke a multitude of feelings relating to, but certainly not limited to fear,
excitement, adrenaline rush, anxiety, and even anger.

The amalgamation of such an emotional state leads to the movie doing quite a number on the viewer.
For those reasons, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some of the most apt titles that more often than not
succeed in enveloping the viewer in their entertainment-filled clutches.

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Now, without further ado, let’s check out the movies we have in store for you!

Top 4 Survival Movies to Binge the Weekend Away

127 Hours

127 hours

This title is for those who fancy venturing off the beaten path. 127 Hours narrates the story of a man
who is fed up with his daily routine and decides to take a refreshing trek down the Grand Canyon only to
lose his bearing and fall into a rocky crevice. Matters get worse when he loses consciousness right after
and wakes up after the sun has set only to find that one of his arms is stuck between an immovable
boulder and the opposing wall.

The (127) hours that follow afterwards depict his struggle to stay alive, half-suspended and in pain. As
time goes by, the man has many introspective thoughts, which lead to him deciding whether he
wants to keep finding a solution to his adversity. The movie is a shout-out to adventure survivors who
have been lost amid their journey and despite their slim chances, managed to walk back in one
piece. Or two.

I Am Legend

I Am Legend

One of Will Smith’s best works. I Am Legend is the story of a doctor who also happens to be the last
human survivor of a plague that has ravaged New York. The movie starts by describing what
happened when people didn’t heed Smith’s words and then suffered a massive virus outbreak that
effectively turned everyone into man-eating zombies.

In the aftermath of this entire disaster, Smith’s character enjoys a tax-free, work-free living with his
trusty doggo, Samantha. All this changes when one day the two of them are out shopping and fall prey
to a trap set by the zombies. Since the creatures can’t come out during the light of day, Smith stays
suspended from one leg and loses consciousness till night time. We’ll let you find out what happens

In the Heart of the Sea

In the Heart of the Sea

This film features a star-studded cast with Cillian Murphy, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Holland taking the
helm and pretty much driving the entire story. The story revolves around these three protagonists
hopping aboard a ship and merging with its crew to go after the elusive whale; Moby Dick. With boastful
commentary and sea shanties aplenty, the men eventually find a school of whales and deduce that
Moby Dick is the biggest, scariest of them.

Fully prepared, Chris Hemsworth goes after the alpha and takes it down with his harpoon only to realize
it was a decoy and that Moby Dick was rushing towards them from the opposite end. The whale
completely decimates their ship and what follows afterward is best experienced on-screen.

The Revenant

The Revenant

Set in the American Wild West, and featuring Hugh Glass, a legendary frontiersman, the Revenant is a
story about survival and revenge. The synopsis is that Hugh when out with his hunting crew, is mauled
by a wild bear who takes its time crippling Hugh to a point where he is an inch away from death’s door.
His mates decide that he won’t make it and leave him to die.

The entire story then picks up with Hugh using his wits and will to stay alive, recover and then come
back after the same people who left him to fend for himself. The story grips viewers’ hearts with the
amount of realism it depicts about how one man fights against all odds to extract justice and fashion
himself as the alpha leader once more.


That’s a wrap on all the titles we have that are sure to invoke a feeling of adventure inside you. All the
aforementioned titles are an absolute pleasure to watch and we recommend setting yourself up with
an appropriate amount of snacks before binging the weekend away.