Reese is considered to be one of the most versatile and forever youthful actresses who has made us laugh and cry with her strong performances. She took a break in the middle and focused more on producing exceptional content. It is hard to select the best ones; however, if you are looking to revisit her top hits, for your convenience, we have created a list of the top movies she starred in.

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With that out of the way. You can dig with ease into this piece of Reese Witherspoon movies to rewatch ASAP.

1. American Psycho

Even as soon as we hear about American Psycho, we think about Christian Bale. However, it could be wrong to forget about Reese’s role in the film. She played the role of Patrick

Bateman’s fiancé, and the outside world often takes note of our lead character’s dissonance through her. He was nothing but a brutal, cutthroat businessperson, who was more concerned about his social standing, a true psychopath. Even though Witherspoon’s role was shallow compared to others in the film, she was more humanitarian.

2. Just Like Heaven

Looking for some light comedy/romance? Just like Heaven is the perfect watch for you on a cozy night. It follows David, played by Mark Ruffalo, a widowed architect who moves into his new apartment in San Francisco only to discover that a ghost named Elizabeth, played by Reese Witherspoon, haunts it. They begin to feel a connection as they try to figure out what happened to Elizabeth with the help of a psychic.

3. Legally Blonde

With a cult following, Legally Blonde is one of the most loved movies by Witherspoon. She played the character of a young 25-year-old pink-loving sorority girl who applied to

Harvard Law School to win her ex-boyfriend back after being dumped by him. She is not your usual lawyer as she tries to break the Blonde and dumb stereotype.

It is a funny and entertaining comedy that you will enjoy repeatedly. Although it may not be legally accurate, Reese Witherspoon gives one of her best performances. This movie is a must-watch.

4. Wild

Featuring one of Reese’s toughest and most vulnerable performances, this movie was among his toughest and most vulnerable. Her intelligent and engaging performance resulted in her getting nominated for an Academy Award.

The film is based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir; it follows the story of Cheryl, a divorcee, who embarks on a 1,100-mile journey of self-discovery along the Pacific Crest Trail. The dissolution of her marriage, the death of her mother, and her addiction to drugs are some of the issues she reflects on in this movie.

Thanks to Witherspoon’s exemplary performance and dedication, the film is able to convey this amazing true story in a fluid narrative that connects with the audience and allows us to understand the protagonist’s struggles.

5. Sing

Witherspoon was able to showcase her singing and voice-acting talent in this animated film. She played Rosita, a pig with big dreams of becoming a singer. The musical film follows Buster Moon (McConaughey), a struggling theatre owner who holds a singing contest to save his theatre from being closed. Animals from all over the city apply to the show after Buster accidentally offers 100,000 as a prize.

This is a heartwarming family-centric animated film that features catchy tunes and a charming story. If you haven’t watched Sing, put it on your watch list.

6. Walk The Line

In her role as June Carter Cash, the wife of Johnny Cash, Reese won a very well-deserved Academy Award. Phoenix also seemed like a great choice to play the troubled country music legend. While for many, Walk the Line is Johnny Cash's story. However, the heart and soul of the story lie in the turbulent relationship between Johnny Cash and his wife.

James Mangold directed the musical drama, which tracks Cash’s childhood, rise to country music fame, and his relationship with his second wife, June Carter. Walk the Line not only features a cast of stellar performances by its two leads, but it is also an emotional portrait of Cash’s life.

7. Election

To make the audience believe a manipulative, calculating madman is a high school teacher who is both captivating and irritating, it takes a very special young actress. Reese Witherspoon plays Tracy Flick, a teenager running for the student body president position.

It is evident from the two characters in the film that Tracy is furious at Jim McAllister (Matthew Broderick), who is determined to lose the election to Tracy. Tracy and Jim engage in a vicious political battle throughout the film.

8. Cruel Intention

Although Cruel Intentions is not everyone’s cup of tea, this 90’s classic launched Witherspoon’s career. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Kathryn in the film, which begins when her stepbrother, Ryan Phillippe, attempts to seduce Cecile (Selma Blaire) to get back at his ex, but he is intent on seducing Annette (Reese Witherspoon), daughter of the headmaster.


Reese’s career has been long and fruitful. She stayed off-camera for many years but returned with many great movies for her audience. She has done tremendous work in many genres, from dark to light-hearted. The above-mentioned list has some of her best work that you should re-watch if you haven’t.