3 TB Joshua Children Serah, Promise, Heart, Wife Evelyn Was A Happy Family

3 TB Joshua Children Serah, Promise, Heart With TB Joshua Wife Evelyn Was A Happy Family

Temitope Balogun Joshua, widely known as T.B. Joshua, was a prominent Nigerian pastor and televangelist, celebrated for his leadership at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). His influence spanned continents, with a significant social media presence. Following his passing in June 2021, his wife, Evelyn Joshua, and their three children, Serah, Promise, and Heart, have stepped into the spotlight, each contributing to the continuation of their late father’s legacy.

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TB Joshua Children Ages, Wife and Family

Evelyn JoshuaPastor, Media Personality, EntrepreneurLate TB Joshua Wife1990 until his death in 2021
Serah JoshuaLawyerBrian MoshiMay 8, 2021
Promise JoshuaNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
Heart JoshuaNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
TB Joshua Children, Wife and Family

Evelyn Joshua: Late TB Joshua Wife

Evelyn Joshua was wife of T.B. Joshua. She was born on December 17, 1968. She took on the mantle of leadership at SCOAN after her husband’s demise. Her commitment to the church and unwavering support during T.B. Joshua’s ministry were highlighted during a tribute ceremony. She expressed gratitude for the shared journey and emphasized the enduring impact of her husband’s teachings.

Serah Joshua: Late TB Joshua Daughter

Serah Joshua, the eldest daughter, has pursued a career in law, becoming a notable Nigerian lawyer. Her educational journey, from Ronik International School to the London School of Economics, reflects a commitment to academic excellence. Serah’s marriage to Tanzanian Brian Moshi in 2021 marked a significant chapter in her life. The couple’s grand ceremonies in Nigeria, Dubai, and Arusha symbolize the union’s cultural diversity.

TB Joshua family Photos

Promise Joshua: Unveiling the Spiritual Warrior

The second daughter, Promise Joshua, shared insights into her father’s spiritual convictions during a tribute. She reflected on T.B. Joshua’s dedicated life, viewing earthly existence as a spiritual battleground. Promise acknowledged her father’s unique perspective on life, marked by a commitment to spiritual warfare and unwavering dedication to his divine calling.

Heart Joshua: Immeasurable Love Remembered

The youngest daughter, Heart Joshua, expressed deep affection for her late father in her tribute. She highlighted the immeasurable love he showered upon her and described the spiritual discipline he exhibited in daily life. Heart’s words painted a picture of a father who lived each day as if it were his last, focused on fulfilling a higher purpose.

Brian Moshi: A Son-in-law’s Perspective

Brian Moshi, Serah Joshua’s husband, paid homage to T.B. Joshua’s exemplary life of service. He praised his father-in-law’s ability to seamlessly balance teaching and learning, describing him as both a lion and a lamb. Moshi acknowledged T.B. Joshua’s relentless pursuit of goals and his capacity to accomplish tasks without delay.

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The Joshua family, led by Evelyn Joshua, stands as a testament to the enduring impact of T.B. Joshua’s teachings and legacy. As each family member embraces their unique roles, the journey of spiritual leadership, legal excellence, and humanitarian efforts continues. The posthumous celebrations, such as T.B. Joshua’s 60th birthday hosted by Evelyn in 2023, reinforce the ongoing commitment to honoring the life and legacy of the charismatic televangelist.

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