Hey there, folks! Today, we’re shining the spotlight on a young and talented lady named Skyla Brae Kelley. Skyla, born in 2000 in the heart of Texas, has already made quite a name for herself in the world of cheerleading. At just 23 years old, she’s an inspiration to many. Skyla Brae Kelley wet worth is estimated at $2million along with that of her mother’s and family’s worth.

Skyla Brae Kelley Mary Lou Retton Daughter 2023

NameSkyla Brae Kelley
Born2000 (age 23 years)
HometownHouston, TX
GrandparentsRonnie Retton, Lois Retton
SiblingsShayla Rae Kelley, Emma Jean Kelley, McKenna Lane Kelley
ParentsMary Lou Retton, Shannon Kelley
EducationTexas Tech University
Skyla Brae Kelley

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Skyla Kelley Journey

Skyla’s journey to success began with a fascination for gymnastics. Like her famous mom, Mary Lou Retton, Skyla initially dreamed of becoming a gymnast. However, as time went on, her interests evolved, and she found her true passion in cheerleading.

During her high school years, Skyla was a proud member of her school’s cheerleading team. It’s there that she honed her skills, demonstrated her teamwork, and showcased her infectious spirit. She quickly became known for her energetic and motivational presence on the sidelines.

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College Days at Texas Tech University

Skyla’s cheerleading journey didn’t end in high school. She continued to pursue her passion for cheerleading at Texas Tech University. College life brought her new opportunities, and she embraced them with enthusiasm. Skyla’s dedication to her sport shone through as she cheered on her university’s teams with unwavering support.

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Competitive Spirit

Skyla isn’t just a cheerleader; she’s a competitor too. She’s taken part in various cheerleading competitions, always giving her best and pushing herself to reach new heights. Her determination and hard work have not gone unnoticed.

Mary Lou Retton Daughter

Skyla is the daughter of Mary Lou Retton, the celebrated former gymnast, and Shannon Kelley. Despite her parents’ divorce in 2018, she’s maintained a close and loving relationship with her family. She shares this bond with her siblings, Shayla, Emma, and McKenna, all of whom have been inspired by their remarkable mother.

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Skyla Brae Kelley Net Worth

Skyla Brae Kelley Net Worth is estimated at $2 million. In Skyla’s story, we see a young woman who has followed her heart and found her own path in the world of cheerleading. Her journey reminds us that it’s okay to change our goals and dreams as we grow. Skyla’s unwavering spirit and dedication are a testament to the importance of pursuing what truly makes you happy.

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Who is Skyla Brae Kelley?
Skyla Brae Kelley is a 23-year-old young woman from Houston, Texas, known for her achievements in cheerleading. She is the daughter of the famous gymnasts Mary Lou Retton and Shannon Kelley.