A Texas man named Rogelio Bernal, 53, has been charged with the destruction and concealment of his deceased mother’s body for more than two years. The grim discovery was made when an individual, who had won a storage unit through an auction, stumbled upon a trash can containing the remains of an elderly woman.

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Rogelio Bernal Wikipedia

Name:Rogelio Bernal
Charges:Destruction and concealment of a human corpse; Outstanding warrant on drug charges
Discovery Date:December 22, 2023
Arrest Date:December 23, 2023
Bail Amount:$75,000
Location:Bexar County Jail, Texas
Incident Location:San Antonio storage facility
Occupation:Not specified
Criminal Record:Multiple run-ins with the law
Rogelio Bernal Wikipedia

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Rogelio Bernal Background

Bernal, known for his multiple run-ins with the law, was the last person to rent the storage unit where the body was found. His arrest unfolded after police executed a warrant related to drug charges against him. This criminal history reportedly played a pivotal role in his decision not to report his mother’s death.

Rogelio Bernal Mother

The unsettling find took place at a San Antonio storage facility, sparking a chain of events that led to Bernal’s arrest. The property manager identified him as the previous unit owner, and an investigation into the contents of the trash can revealed the hidden remains of Bernal’s mother.

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Timeline of Events

According to Bernal’s confession to the police, his mother fell in the shower on October 31, 2021. Despite finding her still breathing, he refrained from calling 911 due to his extensive criminal record. Shockingly, he did not seek help when she passed away shortly after. Instead, Bernal concealed his mother’s body in their shared apartment, regularly using lye and cleaning supplies.

Facing eviction due to a gnat problem in the apartment after a year, Bernal took a macabre turn. He placed his mother’s remains in a hall closet before being forced to leave. Subsequently, he rented a storage unit and moved the concealed body, maintaining the secret for an extended period.

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Legal Consequences

Rogelio Bernal is currently held at Bexar County Jail on a $75,000 bond, charged with altering, destroying, or concealing a human corpse. The circumstances surrounding the case raise questions about the complexities of fear and criminal history influencing one’s actions in the face of a tragedy.

The chilling case of Rogelio Bernal sheds light on the darker corners of human behavior and the extremes people may go to due to fear and personal circumstances. As legal proceedings unfold, the investigation will likely delve deeper into the motives behind Bernal’s actions and the factors that led to the tragic concealment of his mother’s body for over two years.

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