All About Sen Rodric Bray Wife Kelly, Children- Rodric Bray Family

Rodric Bray Family

Rodric D. “Rod” Bray, born in 1969, hails from a family deeply rooted in Indiana’s political landscape. His father, Richard Bray, was a prominent figure in Indiana politics, serving in both the Indiana House of Representatives and the Indiana Senate. Rodric’s grandfather, William G. Bray, was also a distinguished member of the United States House of Representatives. Rodric was born to Maurine D. and Richard Bray, growing up in a household where public service was a cherished tradition.

About Rodric Bray Wife Kelly And 2 Sons Austin and Ethan

Rodric Bray resides in Martinsville, Indiana, with his wife, Kelly, and their two sons, Austin and Ethan. Family is at the heart of Rodric’s life, and he is committed to providing a loving and supportive home for his loved ones. Outside of his political responsibilities, Rodric is actively involved in his community and attends the First United Methodist Church of Martinsville. His dedication extends to serving as a member of the Pastor Parish Committee and teaching Sunday school, reflecting his values of faith and community engagement.

Professional Journey

Rodric Bray’s commitment to serving his community extends beyond his political career. A graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor’s degree in History, Rodric furthered his education at Valparaiso University School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree. As an attorney and partner at Bray, Bray, and Bray law firm, Rodric brings his legal expertise to serve the needs of his clients.

Political Career

Since 2012, Rodric Bray has represented the 37th State Senate District in Indiana, encompassing Morgan County and portions of Johnson, Owen, and Putnam counties. A member of the Republican Party, Bray’s tenure in the Indiana State Senate has been marked by a dedication to his constituents and a commitment to upholding conservative values. In his role as Chair of the Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee, Bray plays a pivotal role in shaping legislative decisions that impact the lives of Hoosiers.

Community Involvement

Beyond his professional and political commitments, Rodric remains actively engaged in various community activities. He is a supporter of the Morgan County Community Concerts and serves as a director on the Home Bank Board of Directors. Rodric’s involvement reflects his belief in giving back to the community and fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation.

In essence, Rodric D. Bray epitomizes the values of integrity, service, and dedication to family and community. With a strong foundation rooted in Indiana’s rich political heritage and a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of his constituents, Bray continues to be a steadfast advocate for the people of Indiana.