Dick Butkus Son: Richard M. Butkus Jr., son of NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus, is one such unsung hero in the film industry. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Richard Butkus Jr. has made a name for himself as an electrician, leaving his mark on various films and television shows. Read the article for details on Richard M Butkus Jr Contribution To Dick Butkus family legacy.

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Richard M Butkus Jr Wikipedia

Full NameRichard M. Butkus Jr.
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, USA
CareerElectrician in the film industry
Career HighlightsLighting technician, later Rigging Gaffer
Notable WorkFilms: “Star Trek (2009),” “National Treasure (2004),” “John Carter (2012),” and more
FamilySon of NFL Hall of Famer Dick Butkus and Helen
SiblingsNikki Butkus, Matt Butkus
Richard M Butkus Jr Wikipedia

Richard M Butkus Jr Career

Richard’s journey in the film industry began in the early 1990s when he started as a lighting technician. Over the years, his skills, and dedication led him to rise through the ranks, eventually becoming a rigging gaffer. In this role, he takes charge of the installation and operation of lighting and rigging equipment on set, ensuring that every scene is well-lit and visually captivating.

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Films and Shows

Richard Butkus Jr. has contributed his expertise to some of the biggest films and television shows of recent decades. His impressive resume includes work on well-known productions such as “Star Trek (2009),” “National Treasure (2004),” “John Carter (2012),” “Independence Day (1996),” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000-2013),” “True Detective (2014),” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019),” “Bird Box (2018),” “Here and Now (2018),” “Suburbicon (2017),” and “Rush Hour (2016-2017).”

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Richard M Butkus Jr Father

Richard M. Butkus Jr. father Dick Butkus, is celebrated for his football legacy, Richard has carved his own niche in the world of film, ensuring that every frame is lit to perfection. His journey from lighting technician to rigging gaffer is a testament to his dedication, and his ability to blend professionalism with humour sets him apart as a cherished member of the industry.

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Who is Richard M. Butkus Jr.’s famous father?

Richard M. Butkus Jr.’s father is Dick Butkus, an NFL Hall of Fame linebacker known for his iconic career with the Chicago Bears.

Does Richard M. Butkus Jr. have any siblings?

Richard M. Butkus Jr. is known to be a member of the Butkus family with his siblings, Nikki Butkus and Matt Butkus.

Is Richard M. Butkus Jr. involved in professional football like his father?

No, Richard M. Butkus Jr. is not involved in professional football; he has pursued a career as an electrician in the film industry.

What notable films and television shows has Richard M. Butkus Jr. worked on?

Richard M. Butkus Jr. has contributed his expertise to various productions, including “Star Trek (2009),” “National Treasure (2004),” “John Carter (2012),” and others.