Rep Mike Johnson Liberty Score As A Trumper

Mike Johnson, the fourth Speaker Designate for the House, has a notable Liberty Score of 74%. Hailing from Louisiana, he’s been in Congress since 2017 and boasts a consistently conservative voting record.

Rep Mike Johnson played a key role in initiating the Texas Amicus Brief in 2020 and voted against certifying the disputed 2020 election results. He supported Trump’s ban on certain nations and served on Trump’s legal defense team during impeachment trials.

Rep Mike Johnson is known for his strong stance on social issues, he introduced the Stop the Sexualization of Children Act in 2022. Notably, he’s a personal friend of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Despite not being widely recognized, Johnson stands out as a solid conservative choice.

Joey Mannarino wrote in his Twitter Post-

“Meet Mike Johnson – the fourth Speaker Designate for the House, receiving 127 votes from the GOP conference.

Mike has a Liberty Score of 74%.

He’s from the state of Louisiana and has served in Congress since 2017.

His voting record is mostly solid.

He was instrumental in getting the Texas Amicus Brief going in 2020 and voted AGAINST certifying the fraudulent 2020

He has not voted in favor of any funding for Ukraine other than the initial funding bill.

He supported Trump’s ban on terror-prone nations.

He served as a member of Trump’s legal defence team during both the 2019 and 2020 Senate impeachment trials.

He’s extremely conservative on social issues. In 2022, he introduced the Stop the Sexualization of Children Act, which would prohibit federally funded institutions from promoting child sexual izarian and transgenderisation.

He’s personal friends with Amy Coney Barrett.

He’s actually a great pick, though we just don’t hear much about

I like Mike. How about you?”

What is a Liberty Score?

A “liberty score” refers to a numerical rating or score assigned to a political figure, often a member of Congress, to assess their commitment to and voting record on issues related to individual liberty and limited government. These scores are often provided by various conservative or libertarian organizations and are used to gauge how closely a politician aligns with the principles of limited government, personal freedoms, and free-market policies.

One well-known organization that provides liberty scores is the Conservative Review, which publishes a Liberty Score for members of Congress based on their voting records and positions on key issues.

A high liberty score usually indicates that a politician consistently votes in favour of limited government, free-market policies, and individual freedoms, while a lower score suggests a more interventionist or collectivist approach to government.