Rachel Chandler Bill Clinton On Epstein Lolita Express

Rachel Chandler Bill Clinton

Balenciaga’s questionable ad campaigns, attention turned towards Rachel Chandler, a professional photographer and modeling agent who was reportedly involved in the casting process for the luxury fashion house. Chandler now faces online scrutiny for her alleged links to the notorious financier Jeffrey Epstein.

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The controversy escalated as Balenciaga faced backlash over its gift collection campaign, which featured children posing with plush bear purses in outfits inspired by themes of bondage. The luxury brand further drew criticism for its Spring 2023 campaign ad, which prominently featured printouts of a 2008 Supreme Court ruling on child pornography.

British influencer Oli London has been particularly vocal in condemning Balenciaga’s campaigns, going so far as to claim that the brand is “deeply involved in child abuse and exploitation.” London urged their followers to investigate Balenciaga’s association with Rachel Chandler, suggesting a potential connection to Epstein.

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London pointed out that in 2016, Chandler played a pivotal role in recruiting models for Balenciaga’s runway show. They alleged that Chandler had been to Epstein’s island and even posted a picture on Instagram in 2013, bragging about being on the controversial island. London emphasized the need for further research into Chandler’s modeling agency, asserting that every model associated with her appears to exhibit signs reminiscent of trafficking victims, such as dark circles under the eyes.

As the online speculation gains momentum, the controversy deepens, drawing attention to the nexus between high-profile individuals, luxury fashion, and alleged connections to Epstein.

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