Phillipa Hart Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth

Read The article for details on Phillipa Hart Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth. She is also called as Phillipa Hart Gambon.

Phillipa Hart, born in 1965, is a set decorator known for her long-term romantic relationship with renowned actor Michael Gambon. Their connection began in the early 2000s, and despite a significant age difference, they have shared a lasting partnership. Phillipa Hart Net Worth is estimated above  $15 Million.

This union, marked by their affection and the birth of two sons, has garnered attention in the media. While much about Philippa Hart’s early life and background remains private, her relationship with Michael Gambon has been a notable aspect of her public life.

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Phillipa Hart Wikipedia

Full NamePhilippa Hart
Known ForBeing Michael Gambon’s Partner
ProfessionSet Decorator
SpouseMichael Gambon
ChildrenMichael and William
Birth Year1965
Age (as of 2022)57 years old
Phillipa Hart Wikipedia

Phillipa Hart Biography

Phillipa Hart is a set decorator who gained significant media attention for her involvement in a long-term romantic relationship with renowned actor Michael Gambon. This relationship stirred curiosity due to its complexities and controversies, primarily revolving around Gambon’s prior marriage to Anne Miller. This article delves into the life and background of Philippa Hart, exploring her career, relationship with Michael Gambon, and the dynamics of the love triangle.

Early Life and Background

Phillipa Hart was born in the year 1965, although specific details about her childhood, family, and educational background remain largely unavailable. Despite the limited information on her early life, Philippa Hart’s professional life and personal relationships have garnered substantial public interest.

Professional Career

As a set decorator, Philippa Hart has contributed to various film projects, leaving her mark in the world of cinema. Her work includes notable films such as “Sylvia” (2003), “Nanny McPhee,” “The Hours” (2002), “How I Live Now” (2013), “Scoop” (2006), “The Gathering Storm” (2002), and “Pandaemonium” (2000). While her work in the film industry has gained recognition, it is her personal life that has placed her in the spotlight.

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Phillipa Hart Gambon Relationship with Michael Gambon

Philippa Hart’s connection with the esteemed actor Michael Gambon began in the early 2000s while they were working together on the set of the film “Longitude,” released in 2000. What started as a professional collaboration gradually evolved into a romantic relationship that would span over two decades.

The Love Triangle: The most intriguing aspect of Philippa Hart’s personal life is her involvement in a love triangle with Michael Gambon and Anne Miller. Michael Gambon, known for his role as Professor Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film series, was married to Anne Miller, with whom he had a son named Fergus. While maintaining his legal marriage to Anne Miller, Gambon embarked on a long-term relationship with Philippa Hart, who eventually became the mother of his two sons, Michael and William.

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One notable factor that fueled public interest in Philippa Hart’s relationship with Michael Gambon was the significant age difference between them. Philippa Hart is reportedly 25 years Gambon’s junior, adding an extra layer of complexity to their relationship dynamics.


In February 2007, it was revealed that Philippa Hart was expecting Michael Gambon’s child. This marked a significant milestone in their relationship, and they welcomed two sons, Michael (born in May 2007) and William (born in June 2009), solidifying their status as a family.

Phillipa Hart Net Worth

Phillipa Hart had a career in movies, so her net worth can be estimated above  $15 Million. Though these are not exact figures.


Is Michael Gambon retired?

Michael Gambon was retired from stage acting in 2015 due to memory loss.

How old is Phillipa Hart?

Phillipa Hart was born in 1965, making her 57 years old as of 2022.

Who is Phillipa Hart Gambon?

Philippa Hart Gambon is best known for being the partner of actor Michael Gambon.