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Pedro Argote Family, Wife, and Age

Pedro Argote, who is currently 49 years old, has had a complex family life. He was married to his wife, Eugenia Argote, with whom he shares four children. However, their relationship took a troubling turn, and in June 2022, Eugenia filed a domestic violence petition against Pedro.

In her petition, she detailed concerns about physical abuse, Pedro’s possession of firearms. Eugenia worries that Pedro might try to take their children away from her. She mentioned that Pedro owned at least two firearms and used them to intimidate her. Additionally, he engaged in harassment through texts and emails, installed home security cameras to monitor her, and exercised emotional and financial control over her.

It’s important to note that this petition was dismissed in less than two weeks. Despite the legal resolution, the concerns raised in the petition provide a glimpse into the difficulties in their family life.

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This troubled family background is an integral part of the broader story surrounding Pedro Argote and the tragic events that unfolded in the case of Judge Andrew Wilkinson.

Pedro Argote Wikipedia

NamePedro Argote
Age49 years old
WifeEugenia Argote divorced(with four children)
IncidentFiled a domestic violence petition in June 2022, which was dismissed
Current StatusWanted by law enforcement, considered armed and dangerous
CaseSuspected of fatally shooting Judge Andrew Wilkinson, linked to a custody ruling
Pedro Argote Wikipedia

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Pedro Manuel Argote The Tragic Shooting

A manhunt is underway for 49-year-old Pedro Argote, who is suspected of fatally shooting Washington County Circuit Court Associate Judge Andrew Wilkinson. This tragic incident occurred in the driveway of Judge Wilkinson’s home in Hagerstown, Maryland, on October 19. Pedro Argote wife is Eugenia Argote.

Pedro Argote is accused of killing Judge Andrew Wilkinson just hours after the judge had presided over a hearing in Argote’s divorce case. Responding officers found Judge Wilkinson with multiple gunshot wounds in his driveway. Despite being rushed to Meritus Medical Center, he tragically did not survive. Judge Wilkinson’s wife and son were at home when the shooting occurred.

Authorities have described Judge Wilkinson’s killing as a targeted attack. It’s believed to be directly related to the custody ruling Judge Wilkinson had made that morning, favoring the mother of Argote’s children. The court had granted the mother sole custody of their four children and imposed restrictions on Argote’s contact with his family.

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Pedro Argote’s Background

Pedro Argote, born on November 24, 1973, in Washington, America, has been at the center of a domestic violence petition in the past. His wife filed the petition in June 2022, expressing concerns about physical abuse, Argote’s possession of firearms, and his intent to take their children away from her. Although the petition was dismissed, it sheds light on the troubled dynamics in Argote’s family life.

Adding to the concerns, a disturbing Facebook post revealed that Argote had been taking shooting lessons just a few months before filing for divorce from his wife, Eugenia Argote.

Law enforcement in Maryland is urgently seeking Pedro Argote, who is considered armed and dangerous. Authorities have offered a substantial $10,000 reward for information leading to his capture. They urge the public not to approach him directly but to notify the police.

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