Officer Harry Dunn Book- “Standing My Ground”

Harry Dunn, a Capitol Police Officer, has emerged as a compelling voice shedding light on the unsettling events of January 6th. His memoir, “Standing My Ground,” is a powerful firsthand account of that fateful day, offering readers a piercing insight into the challenges faced by law enforcement in protecting democracy. Dunn’s awakening journey, from witnessing racial injustices to confronting the violent attack on the Capitol, unfolds in the pages of this stirring narrative.

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Officer Harry Dunn Book Sales Numbers, Tour, and Signing

TitleStanding My Ground
AuthorHarry Dunn
PublisherHachette Books
Publication DateOctober 24, 2023
Weight13 ounces
Dimensions6 x 0.88 x 9.25 inches
Best Sellers Rank#1,047 in Books
Harry Dunn Book Sales, Tour, and Signing

Officer Harry Dunn Book Tour, and Signing

“Standing My Ground” has garnered attention for its compelling narrative, and its sales reflect the public’s interest in understanding the reality of January 6th. Dunn has embarked on a tour, engaging with audiences to discuss the book and the broader issues it addresses. Book signings have provided readers with the opportunity to connect with the author and gain deeper insights into the profound impact of that historic day.

Officer Harry Dunn Book Sales

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Harry Dunn Book Release Date

Published by Hachette Books on October 24, 2023, “Standing My Ground” spans 256 pages. It stands as a crucial testimony to the shocking events that rocked the nation’s core. With an ISBN-10 of 0306831139 and ISBN-13 of 978-0306831133, the hardcover edition weighs 13 ounces and measures 6 x 0.88 x 9.25 inches. As of now, the book holds a notable position in the Best Sellers Rank, standing at #1,047 in Books, #1 in Law Enforcement Biographies, #7 in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and #7 in Black & African American Biographies.

About Harry Dunn: A Patriot and Officer

Harry Dunn joined the United States Capitol Police in 2008, serving as a Private First Class since 2011. His duties included maintaining perimeter security around the US Capitol during significant events. Beyond his role as a Crisis Intervention Officer, he participated in Crisis Negotiation Teams, exemplifying his commitment to public safety and mental health support.

Dunn’s accolades include the Presidential Citizens Medal, Congressional Gold Medal, Capitol Police Service Medal, Capitol Police Achievement Medal, Gus Heningburg Award, and the Concerned Black Men Award.

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Harry Dunn Book Reviews

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi praises Dunn’s memoir as “a powerful, patriotic tale” that offers moral clarity about the events of January 6th. Representative Jamie Raskin describes it as an “electrifying memoir” showcasing true American patriotism.

Congressman Eric Swalwell emphasizes its importance for those concerned about the nation’s future. Media personalities like Gayle King, Joy Reid, Jake Tapper, and Mehdi Hasan have endorsed the book, underscoring its gripping and powerful narrative.

Harry Dunn Book review
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

“Officer Harry Dunn is an American hero, whose fidelity to his oath to protect and defend shines through in his new book. Offering an inside look at the daily life of a Capitol Police Officer, readers will gain an appreciation for the work required to ensure that democracy can peacefully proceed. And all will be moved by his piercing honesty: Transporting us to the Capitol grounds on January 6th to witness the unimaginable anguish – and extraordinary courage – of Officer Dunn and his colleagues. In telling his story, Officer Dunn continues to use his thundering voice to demand accountability for that dark day.

Standing My Ground is a powerful, patriotic tale – told with striking moral clarity about what happened on January 6th and where the blame lies.” — Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-8)

“After 150 officers were bloodied and wounded, after a presidential election was nearly overthrown, an exhausted Officer Harry Dunn posed the essential question of January 6 in three simple words: ‘Is this America?’ Now, in this electrifying memoir, Officer Dunn shows us what it means to be a true American patriot in a century where everything is suddenly up for grabs. A remarkable achievement.” — Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-8)

Congressman Eric Swalwell

“Harry Dunn is a cop’s cop – brave, fair-minded – who tells a chilling tale of an unthinkable attack on our democracy. His story is an inspiration to all who protect and serve, and to all who speak out and stand firm against the racism and extremism that poisons our public discourse. This is a must-read for those who care about our nation’s future.” — Congressman Eric Swalwell

CBS Mornings – Gayle King

“Very gripping.” — Gayle King, CBS Mornings

The ReidOut – Joy Reid

“Everyone needs to read this.” — Joy Reid, The ReidOut

CNN – Jake Tapper

“Officer Dunn’s book Standing My Ground, it’s a good read.” — Jake Tapper, CNN

MSNBC – Mehdi Hasan

“A very powerful and real book.” — Mehdi Hasan, MSNBC

The Guardian

“If you think you’ve read everything you need to know about the violent attempt to overthrow the US government on 6 January 2021, this insider’s book by a 6ft 7in African American Capitol police officer will change your mind….Harry Dunn has written a 237-page cri de coeur for himself and for the US. It is a story that is more important than ever.” — The Guardian

“The Daily Beans” podcast

“An incredible book, so well written.” — “The Daily Beans” podcast

Kirkus Reviews

“Dunn dramatically recounts the hours leading up to the attack….His intimate first-person chronicling of the crowd’s violent surge is as riveting as his account of retreating to his post, covered in pepper spray and bruises, to take a video call from his young daughter. He candidly addresses his mounting frustration and disbelief weeks later as the event’s violent intensity became diluted…. Throughout this forcefully delivered book, Dunn’s passion for true patriotism and the tenets of constitutional democracy resonate, despite his emotional pain and PTSD. A sobering, heroic testimonial about an infamous day in American history.” — Kirkus Reviews

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