Yet another IITian pursued his passion and reached unimaginable heights, all with his dedication and passion. When a Tea maker can rule the country, then why can’t they rule the hearts? This article is about the Chaayos founder, IITian Nitin Saluja Wiki, Age, Wife, Education, Net Worth, and Biography.

Nitin Saluja Wiki/Bio

Full nameNitin Saluja
Age39 (as of 2023)
Known forFounder of Chaayos
EducationBTech in Mechanical engineering
CollegeIIT Bombay, 2007
WifeYosha Saluja
Net WorthRs 2051 crores
Nitin Saluja Wiki/Biography

The IIT Bombay graduates Nitin Saluja and Raghav Verma founder the tea-chain Chaayos. Nitin’s love for chai led him to start Chaayos. Not every chai maker attains that success nor does every Biryani maker creates something huge like Biryani By Kilo (By IITian Vishal Jindal). You become great when you look at trivial things with broad dimensions. And that’s what IITians are excellent at. They create opportunities out of obstacles.

The idea of selling tea struck Nitin when he went to the US to work at Opera Solutions and he couldn’t get a perfect cup of tea at any place in the US.


Nitin Saluja

Nitin is the CEO and co-founder of Chaayos. He is a chai lover. Most of the menus you will ever find at Chaayos are designed by Nitin himself. He does all product R&D. He opened the Chaayos where he used to have coffee with his friends at IIT Bombay. The chai chain operates in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

This is not it, he also co-founded a robotics education company (Think Labs) at IIT Bombay. Think Labs is valued at over $10 MM today.

Nitin Saluja Education

Nitin Saluja is an IIT Bombay alumnus. He graduated from the premier Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in the year 2007. He did his BTech in Mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay. Before opening Chaayos, he worked at Opera Solutions, a consulting firm, for over 5 years.

Nitin Saluja Wife

Nitin Saluja’s wife name is Yosha Saluja. She supported him in his venture from the very beginning even when his family went against him for the decision of quitting a job over selling Tea.

“I was completely ready to accept whatever came my way. There was no question of trading his dream for material desires. And somewhere, there was a belief that all the sacrifices are for the greater good.”- Yosha Saluja

Nitin Saluja Net Worth

In FY 2022, the company posted a revenue of Rs 134.9 crore.

Chaayos posted a 2.4X rise in sales revenue to INR 134.9 Cr in FY22 from INR 54.7 Cr in FY21.

The first ever Chaayos store was opened in November 2012 in Gurugram.


Who is the founder of Chaayos?

Raghav Verma and Nitin Saluja are the founders and owners of Chaayos Cafe.

Who is Nitin Saluja?

Nitin Saluja is an IIT Bombay alumnus who is the co-founder of the Chaayos tea chain in India.