Nicholas Rossi Wife Miranda Knight, Ex Wife Kathryn 

Nicholas Rossi Wife Miranda Knight, Ex Wife Kathryn Heckendorn

The intricate web surrounding Nicholas Alahverdian, also known as Nicholas Rossi and Arthur Knight, is one of deception, legal battles, and a troubled personal life. Born on July 11, 1987, Alahverdian’s story takes dark turns that involve allegations of abuse, faked deaths, and a history of legal troubles.

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Allegations Against the Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF)

Alahverdian claimed to be a victim of abuse and negligence within Rhode Island’s social service system, the Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF). In 2011, he filed a federal lawsuit against the DCYF, alleging mistreatment. However, the case was unsuccessful, and Alahverdian voluntarily dismissed it when Rhode Island waived his substantial medical expenses debt, which amounted to around US$200,000.

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Nicholas Rossi Ex Wife Kathryn Heckendorn

In November 2010, Nicholas Rossi married for the first time. However, his marriage ended in May 2011, marked by a divorce and a police report filed by his ex-wife citing repeated calls, leading to a restraining order. The police planned to initiate an arrest warrant against Alahverdian for violation of the protection order.

Nicholas Rossi Wife Miranda Knight

Undeterred by past troubles, Alahverdian entered into a second marriage in October 2015. This union, too, faced turbulence as, seven months later, his second wife sought a divorce. The court ruled Alahverdian as “guilty of gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty” towards his wife. Temporary restraining orders were issued, accusing him of seizing marital property in violation of court orders. The divorce was finalized in 2017, with Alahverdian owing his ex-wife $52,000 borrowed under the pretext of supporting a community service agency.

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Faked Death and Multiple Aliases

One of the most shocking elements of Alahverdian’s story is his alleged faking of his own death in 2020, perpetuating a deception that involved adopting various aliases, including Nicholas Rossi and Arthur Knight. This elaborate ruse further complicated his interactions with the law and those around him.

Amidst legal battles and aliases, Alahverdian’s tumultuous relationships left a trail of broken connections. The women who were once entwined in his life faced divorces, restraining orders, and financial burdens. The complexities of these relationships underscore the challenges faced by those associated with a person of Alahverdian’s troubled history.

Nicholas Alahverdian’s life is a multifaceted saga, weaving together allegations of abuse, legal skirmishes, failed marriages, and a web of deception. As his extradition to the US progresses, the courtroom may shed light on the truth behind the accusations against him. The impact on his family, current and former wives, and the broader narrative of his troubled past serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of a life built on deceit and alleged criminality.

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