On December 8, 2014, an Aston Martin owned by Mukesh Ambani’s company, Reliance Ports, crashed in South Mumbai. The driver, Bansilal Joshi, initially fled the scene but later confessed to being behind the wheel.

Speculation arose about Mukesh Ambani’s son, Akash, possibly being involved, but details remained elusive. Despite conflicting accounts, Joshi was not dismissed from his job.

Compensation was provided to the damaged cars, but the source of the funds remained unclear. The incident remained a puzzling mystery, with no definitive answers in sight.

Mukesh Ambani Son Car Accident With Aston Martin Rapide- Peddar Road Accident

On a night in December 2014, a Reliance Ports-owned Aston Martin crashed in South Mumbai, close to Mukesh Ambani’s residence.

Initially, the driver fled the scene, but later, Bansilal Joshi, a long-time Ambani employee, admitted to being behind the wheel.

Rumors circulated that Akash Ambani, Mukesh’s son, might have been involved in the accident, though details remained unclear.

peddar road accident

While the Audi driver initially implicated a young man as the Aston Martin’s driver, Joshi later claimed responsibility for the incident.

Despite admitting to causing the accident, Joshi retained his job, raising questions about accountability and consequences.

The damaged cars received compensation, but the source of funds for the replacements remained undisclosed.

Despite investigations, the truth behind the incident remained shrouded in mystery, leaving unanswered questions and speculation.