It claimed the lives of Mohammed Deif Wife, Widad Asfoura, her 7-month-old son Ali, and her 3-year-old daughter Sara.

Born in 1965 in the Khan Yunis Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip, Mohammed Deif, whose full name is Mohammed Diab Ibrahim Masri, emerged as a significant figure in the Palestinian resistance. His roots trace back to a Palestinian refugee family from al-Qubeiba, a village they were forced to leave during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

Mohammed Deif Wife, Children, Family

Mohammed Deif Wife, Widad Asfoura, (Widad Deif ) born in 1987, led a life that was deeply intertwined with the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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The year 2014 was a turning point for Mohammed Deif family. In August of that year, during an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City, tragedy struck the Deif household. The airstrike, which targeted the Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood in Gaza City. It claimed the lives of Mohammed Deif Wife, Widad Asfoura, her 7-month-old son Ali, and her 3-year-old daughter Sara. Alongside the devastating loss of innocent lives, three civilians also perished in the same incident.

Deif’s journey into the world of Palestinian resistance began in 1990 when he joined Hamas, a prominent Palestinian organization. Over the years, he became known as Mohammed Deif, which translates to “guest” in Arabic, reflecting his nomadic lifestyle.

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Mohammed Deif Education

Mohammed Deif pursued higher education, attending the Islamic University of Gaza. He completed his studies in 1988, earning a bachelor’s degree in science. During his time at the university, he showcased a passion for the arts, creating a theater group named al-Ayedun (The Returnees). His love for acting and portrayal of historical figures reflected his diverse interests.

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Surviving Assassination Attempts

Notably, Mohammed Deif has been a central figure in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, earning him the distinction of being the Israeli military’s ‘most wanted’ man since 1995. He has orchestrated operations resulting in the deaths of Israeli soldiers and civilians, making him a prime target for Israeli authorities. Remarkably, he has survived seven assassination attempts, sustaining injuries in some, including the loss of an eye and a part of his arm.

Shaping the Qassam Brigades

The military wing of Hamas, known as the al-Qassam Brigades, underwent significant changes under the leadership of Mohammed Deif. It was established by Deif and his colleagues after his release from Israeli prison in 1989, following a 16-month detention without charge. During the 1990s, he played a pivotal role in supervising and participating in military operations against Israel.

Beyond his operational role, Mohammed Deif’s international notoriety grew as he became the ‘face’ of the armed Palestinian resistance. His ability to evade numerous Israeli assassination attempts earned him a reputation as a symbol of defiance within the Palestinian territories.


Who was Mohammed Deif’s wife?

Mohammed Deif’s wife was Widad Asfoura.