In the world of covert military and political operations, the partnership of Mohammed Deif and Marwan Issa emerges as a formidable force within the ranks of Hamas. Both figures have played crucial roles in shaping the trajectory of the Islamic Resistance Movement, but their journeys are marked by distinct paths that converge at critical junctures. Here, we delve into the lives and roles of Mohammed Deif Marwan Issa, a duo that has had an impact on the political and military of Hamas.

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Mohammed Deif Marwan Issa The Elusive Commanders

Mohammed Deif, the enigmatic figure often referred to as the “Commander of the Qassam Brigades,” serves as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing. His influence extends to both the political and military bureaus of Hamas, making him a central figure in the movement. Born in 1965 in the “Bureij” refugee camp in Gaza, Deif’s early life was marked by the dream of returning to his family’s displaced village, “Beit Tima,” which was lost during the Nakba in 1948.

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Deif’s journey within Hamas began with his association with the Muslim Brotherhood in his youth, and he actively engaged in religious, social, and organizational activities. He garnered a reputation as a strong and athletic basketball player, earning the moniker “Palestinian Commando.” However, his life took a turn when he was arrested by Israeli forces in 1987 due to his involvement with Hamas, a path that would shape his future in military and political affairs.

During his imprisonment, Deif’s perspective on the Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military arm, underwent a transformation. Upon his release, he joined the Brigades, eventually rising to become a key decision-maker in their operations and battles, often working in tandem with other top leaders. He played a pivotal role in the organization’s shift from semi-military cells to a structured military hierarchy, forming battalions and units.

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Marwan Issa: The Strategic Mind

Marwan Issa, known as Abu Al-Bara, has been a crucial figure in the Qassam Brigades and the broader Hamas movement. Born in 1965 in the same “Bureij” refugee camp as Deif, Issa’s early life was marked by activism within the Muslim Brotherhood and excellence in sports, particularly basketball. He joined Hamas at the age of 19.

Issa’s time in prison, a result of his involvement with Hamas, solidified his dedication to the Qassam Brigades. He quickly rose through the ranks, emerging as one of the key figures behind operations and battles. Notably, he was part of the group that carried out a series of martyrdom operations in 1996 as revenge for the assassination of engineer Yahya Ayyash.

His efforts in restructuring the Qassam Brigades, transforming them into an organized military force with clear hierarchy and strategy, marked a turning point. He became officially recognized as one of the “leading figures of the first rank of the Qassam Brigades” in 2005.

A Symbiotic Relationship

The partnership of Mohammed Deif Marwan Issa represents a remarkable blend of strategic vision and operational expertise. Deif, with his elusive presence, is a symbol of unwavering commitment to the Palestinian cause. He is known for his role in planning and executing operations against Israel, making him a top target for assassination.

On the other hand, Marwan Issa’s strategic genius shines through in his meticulous planning of operations, including settlement incursions and intelligence gathering. His focus on transforming the Qassam Brigades into an organized military force and advancing their weaponry capabilities has been instrumental in their effectiveness.

Together, Deif and Issa have navigated the complex political and military landscape, forming a vital link between the Qassam Brigades’ military leadership and the broader political leadership of Hamas. Their collaborative efforts have propelled Hamas into a powerful force that demands attention on the international stage.

The “Sword of Jerusalem”

Most recently, the world witnessed the impact of this dynamic duo during the “Sword of Jerusalem” battle in 2023. Their strategies and meticulous planning were evident in ground forces’ strength, intelligence, technology, and organized operations. Settlement incursions and attacks on security establishments showcased their ability to strike deep into enemy territory.

The legacy of Mohammed Deif Marwan Issa continues to shape the future of Hamas and the Palestinian resistance. Their partnership embodies the commitment of the Palestinian people and their determination to achieve their goals. The world watches closely as these two influential figures navigate the ever-changing political and military landscape of the Middle East.


Who is Mohammed Deif?

Mohammed Deif is the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing, and a member of the political and military bureau of Hamas.

Who is Marwan Issa?

Marwan Issa, known as Abu Al-Bara, is a key figure in the Qassam Brigades and Hamas. He plays a significant role in the military and strategic operations of the organization.