Jordan B. Peterson’s ongoing tweet controversy has led us to shed some light on his daughter Mikhaila Peterson’s personal life, which will be depicted in the “Peek Into Mikhaila Peterson Divorce And Marriage” article. Mikhaila Peterson who is the beloved daughter of Jordan B. Peterson is also a proud wife of Jordan Fuller. Her family ties include her brother Julian Peterson and her mother Tammy Peterson. In this article, we’ll delve deep into Mikhaila Peterson Divorce And Marriage related queries.

Mikhaila Peterson is a fascinating individual whose journey has captivated many. Let’s dive into the different aspects of her life, from her personal and professional achievements to her marriage and past divorce.

Peek Into Mikhaila Peterson Divorce And Marriage

Full NameMikhaila Peterson
Birth Year1992
AgeEarly thirties
Marital StatusMarried to Jordan Fuller
ChildrenDaughter, Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson (born 2017)
Ex-HusbandAndrey Korikov
DivorceMikhaila and Andrey share custody, co-parenting
Family DynamicsJordan Fuller embraced Elizabeth as his own daughter

Is Mikhaila Peterson Married? What’s Mikhaila Peterson Husband Name?

There has been questions like – Is Mikhaila Peterson married? and What’s Mikhaila Peterson Husband Name? around the internet. The fact is, that Mikhaila Peterson has been living her happily married life with Jordan Fuller since 2022. They posted an Instagram post in 2022 from their wedding ceremony with her father, Jordan Peterson. The wedding celebration took place at Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, which is a luxury resort located on the Northern California Coast.

Mikhaila Peterson Husband Jordan Fuller

Ever since Mikhaila’s marriage, she has been a loving and caring wife to Jordan Fuller. For two years, Jordan has also actively demonstrated his love and dedication to his wife. Their strong bond is evident in the way they navigate life together.

Mikhaila Peterson Divorce With First Husband

Mikhaila Peterson’s marriage to Jordan Fuller happened after Mikhaila’s divorce from her first husband, Andrey Korikov. Mikhaila and Andrew had a daughter named Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson, who was born in 2017.

Mikhaila Peterson Divorce

Mikhaila Peterson and her first husband Andrey Korikov married on 16 July 2017.

Co-Parenting With Husband Andrey Korikovand a Cherished Daughter

Mikhaila and her ex-husband, Andrey Korikov, share a daughter Despite their divorce, both Mikhaila and Andrey remain actively involved in Elizabeth’s life, co-parenting with love and care. Mikhaila has praised Andrey for being a wonderful father, and Jordan Fuller has embraced Elizabeth as his own daughter, creating a close-knit and devoted family dynamic.

Mikhaila Peterson’s Professional Journey

Born in 1992, Mikhaila Peterson is in her early thirties and has accomplished a lot in her career. She wears many hats, including a podcaster, a CEO and a lifestyle blogger. As the host of “The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast,” she engages with a wide audience, sharing insights into health, lifestyle, and personal development. She’s the CEO of her own drug company, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to advancing health solutions. Not just that, Mikhaila is well-known for her expertise in dietary and lifestyle choices that have helped her overcome severe autoimmune and mood disorders.

Mikhaila Peterson’s Autoimmune Disorder

Mikhaila Peterson has battled severe autoimmune and mood disorders and managed to become medication and symptom-free through dietary and lifestyle changes. Through her podcast, she commits to empowering others. Her dedication to helping people improve their health is a driving force in her work.


Is Mikhaila Peterson divorced?

Yes, Mikhaila Peterson is divorced.

Who is Mikhaila Peterson first husband?

Mikhaila Peterson’s first husband is Andrey Korikov.

Does Mikhaila Peterson have any children from her previous marriage?

Yes, Mikhaila Peterson has a daughter named Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson from her previous marriage to Andrey Korikov.

Is Mikhaila Peterson currently married?

Yes, Mikhaila Peterson is currently married to Jordan Fuller.

How long has Mikhaila Peterson been married to Jordan Fuller?

Mikhaila Peterson and Jordan Fuller have been married for two years as of 2023.