Congressman Mike Johnson is the esteemed Speaker of the House. He not only leads in the political arena but also heads a bustling household.

Mike Johnson is married to his devoted wife Kelly since 1999.Read the article in detail on Mike Johnson Kids Name And Ages- Hannah, Abigail, Jack, and Will- Mike Johnson Adopted Son.

Mike Johnson Kids Name And Ages

Michael T. James (Adopted Son)40
Mike Johnson Kids Name And Ages

Mike Johnson Biological Kids

Congressman Mike Johnson and his wife Kelly are proud parents to four biological children.

Congressman Mike Johnson’s biological children and their ages are as follows: Hannah, 23; Abigail, 21; Jack, 18; and Will, 12.

Additionally, their family includes Michael T. James, their adopted son. T. James is 40 years old.

Hannah (23)

The eldest of Congressman Mike Johnson’s children, Hannah is at 23. She exudes poise and grace.

Abigail (21)

At 21 years old, Abigail is Mike Johnson’s daughter.

Her presence undoubtedly enriches the family dynamic and contributes to a home filled with love and support.

Jack (18)

As the Johnsons’ third child, Jack, now 18, represents the next generation of promise and potential.

Mike Johnson Adopted Son

Jack’s journey ahead holds the promise of greatness, guided by the wisdom of his parents.

Will (12)

The youngest member of the Johnson family, 12-year-old Will, brings youthful energy and enthusiasm to the household.

With a bright future ahead, Will’s formative years are shaped by the love and guidance of his parents.

Mike Johnson Adopted Son- Michael T James

Amidst their biological children, the Johnsons welcomed Michael T. James into their lives.

House Speaker Mike Johnson and his wife Kelly’s journey with their adopted son, Michael T. James, began in 1996 when they met him during charity work in Baton Rouge.

At just 14 years old and facing homelessness, the Johnsons took him into their home and legally became his guardians in 1999.

However, when the family moved to Shreveport in 2002, James, then legally an adult, chose to strike out on his own.

Despite the Johnsons’ efforts, James faced numerous run-ins with the law, including arrests for drug possession and theft since leaving their care.

Despite subsequent challenges, James remains an integral part of the Johnson family, illustrating their unwavering commitment to love and support.