Nicolle Wallace, a well-known television political analyst, found her own unique love story within the media. Nicolle Wallace spouse, Michael S. Schmidt, weaves a narrative that deserves a closer look.

Nicolle Wallace Spouse Michael S. Schmidt

FirstMark Wallace2005
SecondMichael S. Schmidt2022

Nicolle Wallace and Mark Wallace

Nicolle Wallace’s first marriage was to Mark Wallace in 2005. Mark, a former diplomat, businessperson, and lawyer, is a distinguished figure in his own right. The two initially crossed paths in 2000 and decided to tie the knot five years later. They even welcomed a son named Liam into their lives. However, after 14 years of marriage, the couple decided to part ways and officially announced their divorce in 2019.

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Nicolle Wallace Michael Schmidt Wedding

The surprising revelation came when Page Six broke the news of Nicolle Wallace’s new relationship with Michael S. Schmidt in March 2019. Michael, a regular presence on the political talk show “Deadline: White House,” had been frequently appearing on Nicolle’s show. Despite rumors circulating about their relationship after being spotted together at an event, sources clarified that their connection was purely professional.

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Michael S Schmidt: Nicolle Wallace Spouse

Michael Schmidt, a renowned journalist and author, is a significant figure in the field of journalism. His work with The New York Times includes stories on issues ranging from sports to national security and federal investigations. Schmidt was part of Pulitzer Prize-winning teams of reporters in 2018, and he authored the New York Times best-selling book “Donald Trump v. the United States.” His passion for journalism and commitment to his work align perfectly with the values of his company, making him a respected journalist in his own right.


Who is Nicolle Wallace’s first husband?

Nicolle Wallace’s first husband is Mark Wallace, a former diplomat, businessperson, and lawyer.

When did Nicolle Wallace and Mark Wallace get married?

Nicolle and Mark were married in 2005.

Who is Nicolle Wallace’s second husband?

Nicolle Wallace’s second husband is Michael S. Schmidt, a journalist and author.

When did Nicolle Wallace marry Michael S Schmidt?

Nicolle and Michael S. Schmidt tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in April 2022.