Melody Granadillo Joran van der Sloot Ex- Grilfriend In Case

Melody Granadillo Joran van der Sloot Ex- Girlfriend In Case

Before Joran van der Sloot became known for the allegations of his involvement in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the murder of Stephany Flores Ramírez, he was the charming boyfriend of Melody Granadillo. In an exclusive interview with “20/20,” Granadillo reminisces about her first love, describing van der Sloot as sweet, romantic, and incredibly considerate.

They first crossed paths at a mutual friend’s birthday party in Aruba in 2003, and their seven-month relationship was filled with youthful passion and promises for the future.

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Granadillo vividly remembers one of the sweet gestures that van der Sloot orchestrated for her 17th birthday – a vase filled with her favorite candy, red Skittles.

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Their relationship was marked by playful moments and deep conversations, where they contemplated the idea of marriage and having children together. The young couple shared a diary filled with mementoes such as pictures, cards, emails, and love poems, which Granadillo licensed for ABC News.

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While it’s clear that their youthful romance was once filled with innocent gestures of affection, it stands in stark contrast to the darker chapters in Joran van der Sloot’s life that unfolded later.

Melody Granadillo’s recollections offer a unique glimpse into the past, capturing the moments when she saw van der Sloot as her personal prince charming long before his notoriety.