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Meet Megan Gaither 31-year-old English teacher from Missouri who recently found herself in the spotlight for her unconventional side hustle on the subscription-based platform, OnlyFans. In this article, we’ll explore Megan’s journey, motivations, and the controversies surrounding her life choices.

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Megan Gaither Wikipedia, Age

Full NameMegan Gaither
Date of BirthApril 9, 1992
ProfessionEnglish Teacher
EducationMaster’s degrees from Missouri Baptist University and Arizona State University
Current SituationDeactivated OnlyFans account after suspension, facing professional consequences, Suspended from teaching, considering a shift to managing OnlyFans full-time
Megan Gaither Wikipedia

Megan Gaither 31, Twitter

Megan Gaither decided to embrace the world of OnlyFans to tackle a daunting student loan debt exceeding $125,000. Despite her modest teaching income of $47,500, Megan saw OnlyFans as a financial lifeline, earning a substantial $5,000 per month on the platform.

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In a candid interview, she revealed that this venture was a temporary measure to make ends meet during the holidays, emphasizing the financial challenges teachers face.

Megan Gaither OnlyFans Account

Megan tried to keep her OnlyFans persona under wraps, using an alias and avoiding face pictures. However, fate had other plans, and she was unwillingly exposed. Controversy escalated when rumors connected her with Brianna Coppage, another English teacher from St. Clair High School, who also ventured into the adult industry. Despite Megan shutting down her account, the school authorities took action, resulting in her suspension.

Megan Gaither St Clair Missouri Teacher

Megan Gaither and Brianna Coppage, both teachers at St. Clair High School, discovered they were both in the OnlyFans game in a surprising turn of events. The revelation happened during a casual “Teachers Night” at Busch Stadium, leading to a friendship forged in the face of shared notoriety.

Suspension and Professionalism Debate

When news broke about Megan’s OnlyFans activities, St. Clair High School suspended her, citing concerns about professionalism and student interaction. Megan vehemently denies any wrongdoing, claiming she maintained professionalism and earned positive reviews from school authorities. Despite being a proud graduate of Missouri Baptist University, Megan has decided to step away from her teaching career and focus on managing her OnlyFans empire.

Both Megan and Brianna, facing financial struggles, turned to OnlyFans to supplement their teaching income. Megan, with master’s degrees from Missouri Baptist University and Arizona State University, highlights the difficulty of making ends meet, especially during the summer months when teaching income is stretched thin.

The Impact on Megan’s Career

Megan deactivated her OnlyFans account after the discovery, but the consequences were swift. She found herself caught up in a scandal after making an uncredited cameo in one of Coppage’s videos. Despite claiming that it was just for fun and not for financial gain, the incident has taken a toll on her teaching career.

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