Megan Gaither 31-year-old English teacher and varsity cheerleading coach at St. Clair High School, Missouri, is at the centre of a growing controversy. Gaither has recently revealed that she created adult content on the subscription-based website OnlyFans. Her decision to go public about her account marks the second instance of a teacher at St. Clair High School admitting to such activities in just a month. Megan Gaither Wikipedia, Age, Pictures, St Clair Missouri Teacher Family

Megan Gaither, a Missouri teacher, has found herself in a viral controversy due to the nature of her content on the platform OnlyFans.

This situation is reminiscent of another case involving educator Brianna Coppage, who faced a similar outcome. Gaither defended her actions, emphasizing that her personal activities outside of school should not be of concern to the institution.

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Megan Gaither 31, mentioned that she was earning between £2,300 to £3,800 per month from her OnlyFans account before deactivating it when the school discovered her involvement.

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Controversy On OnlyFans account

Gaither explained that she joined OnlyFans in May to supplement her teaching income and to help pay back her substantial student loans, which amount to over $125,000. Her annual pay last year, including a stipend for coaching cheerleading, was approximately $47,500, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s public pay database. Gaither felt the financial strain of her teaching position, especially during the summer, which prompted her to explore alternative income sources.

Her previous co-worker, Brianna Coppage, had also been put on leave and eventually resigned after the school district discovered her OnlyFans account. This revelation garnered widespread attention, and Coppage’s success on the site skyrocketed, with her subscription rate increasing significantly.

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Megan Gaither is married and, like many people, faces financial challenges. She explained that she and her husband had considered moving from her hometown of St. Clair after these developments. While the decision to join OnlyFans was directly related to low teacher pay, she insists her choice to go public was not an attempt to follow Coppage’s path but to raise awareness about teacher compensation issues.

She emphasized that teacher pay can be unfairly low and believes it is essential to make noise to initiate change. Gaither hopes to support her family through her OnlyFans account, a decision she made due to the financial constraints of her teaching career.