In a momentous decision, Arizona Congressman Eli Crane played his role in the U.S. House of Representatives’ narrow vote to remove California Republican Kevin McCarthy as speaker. Only eight Republicans supported the motion, with Crane and Congressman Andy Biggs, both from Arizona, among them. And with this, they have infused a sense of curiosity among netizens about Eli Crane Wife. Jen Crane, Eli Crane wife, is the woman behind her partner in Business and Politics. The couple have two daughters together.

This article is going to shed light on Jen Crane who stood by her husband Eli Crane and helped him fight the odds in his entrepreneurial and political journey.

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Meet Eli Crane Wife Jen Crane: Woman Behind His Success in Business and Politics

Full NameJen Crane
ProfessionBusiness Partner, Co-founder of Bottle Breacher
HusbandEli Crane
Business VentureCo-founder of Bottle Breacher
Notable AchievementsSuccessful pitch on Shark Tank with investments from Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban
FamilyTwo daughters with Eli Crane

A Shared Journey

Eli James Crane is a combat veteran, small-business owner, and now a U.S. representative. Eli has found his strength not only in serving the country but also in the support and partnership of his wife, Jen Crane.

Eli has served in the United States Navy SEALs for 13 years and has completed five wartime deployments, including three to the Middle East with SEAL Team 3.

With the ongoing decision, Arizona Congressman Eli Crane voiced concerns about McCarthy’s leadership, particularly in relation to border security funding. This historic move leaves the House with the task of selecting a new speaker, ushering in potential changes in House leadership. Eli Crane’s involvement in this significant vote marks a crucial development in the ongoing politics.

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Jen Crane has been Eli’s anchor and partner in their journey. They’ve shared the highs and lows, from military deployments to the challenges of entrepreneurship. Jen Crane and Eli Crane have 2 children together.

Bottle Breacher Success

Eli Crane’s wife Jen Crane is the co-founder of Bottle Breacher company with her husband. The Bottle Breacher company is known for manufacturing bottle openers made from 50-caliber shell casings. Their unique product caught the attention of investors on the popular TV show Shark Tank, where they received investments from Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban. Bottle Breacher’s success is a testament to their couple’s work.

Challenges and Unity

As with any partnership, there have been challenges along the way for Eli and Jen. In an interview with Forbes, Jen Crane candidly advised couples against starting a business or working together unless they are “very opposite.” She emphasized that their success story is the result of their differences, and the venture initially began as a way to earn extra date night money.

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Eli and Jen Crane’s marriage has stood the test of time. Despite their many years together, the couple has chosen to keep the date of their marriage private, allowing their actions and accomplishments to speak volumes about their relationship.


What is Jen Crane’s role in their business ventures?

Jen Crane plays an important role in their business ventures, particularly as a co-founder of Bottle Breacher, which has gained recognition for its unique products and entrepreneurial success.

Who is Eli Crane wife?

Eli Crane’s wife is Jen Crane. They are a married couple and have been business partners as well, co-founding Bottle Breacher together.

How many children Eli Crane and Jen Crane have together?

Eli and Jen Crane have 2 children together.