Richard Roundtree wife: Throughout his life, Richard Roundtree had two marriages. Richard Roundtree first wife was Mary Jane Grant, and they were married in 1963. Together, they welcomed two children, Kelli and Nicole. However, their marriage came to an end in 1973. Later, in 1980, Richard Roundtree second wife Karen Michelle Ciernia, and they had three children, Taylor, Morgan, and John James. Unfortunately, like his first marriage, Roundtree’s second marriage also ended in divorce in 1998.

Richard Roundtree, celebrated for his role as investigator John Shaft in Gordon Parks’ 1971 action thriller, was an iconic figure in the world of cinema. On October 24, 2023, this Blaxploitation legend passed away at the age of 81 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. Beyond his on-screen fame, Richard Roundtree family included two marriages and a close-knit family of five children.

Mary Jane, Karen Richard Roundtree Wife, 5 Children And Family

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Family MemberRelationshipNotable Details
Richard RoundtreeIconic ActorKnown for playing John Shaft
Mary Jane GrantFirst WifeMarried in 1963, two children: Kelli, Nicole
Karen Michelle CierniaSecond WifeMarried in 1980, three children: Taylor, Morgan, John James
Kelli RoundtreeDaughterChild of Richard and Mary Jane, private life
Nicole RoundtreeDaughterChild of Richard and Mary Jane, private life
Taylor RoundtreeDaughterJumping instructor in Auburn, CA
Morgan RoundtreeDaughterPursuing international politics, UN Women experience
John James RoundtreeSonGraduate, University of San Francisco, volunteer work
Richard Roundtree Family

Richard Roundtree Wife Photos

richard roundtree wife photos

Richard Roundtree First Wife Mary Jane Grant

Richard Roundtree’s first marriage was to Mary Jane Grant in 1963. The couple’s union brought forth two children, Kelli and Nicole. This marriage, which lasted for a decade, ultimately ended in 1973. Though it didn’t stand the test of time, it was during this period that Roundtree began to carve his path to stardom as the iconic John Shaft, leaving an indelible mark on the world of cinema.

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Richard Roundtree Second Wife Karen Michelle Ciernia

In 1980, Richard Roundtree entered into his second marriage, this time with Karen Michelle Ciernia. Together, they had three children: Taylor, Morgan, and John James. Unfortunately, this marriage also concluded in divorce in 1998. Despite the challenges of two divorces, Roundtree’s commitment to his family remained unwavering. His five children, each with their unique journeys in life, represent a testament to the enduring bonds of family and the legacy of an iconic actor.

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Richard Roundtree Children

Despite the challenges of two divorces, Richard Roundtree’s family remained an essential part of his life. His enduring legacy extends to his five children, each forging their own paths in life. However, despite the famous family name, none of Roundtree’s children pursued careers in show business, with just a few brief appearances in the public eye.

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Kelli Roundtree

Kelli, one of Richard Roundtree’s daughters, was born during his first marriage to Mary Jane Grant. She, like her siblings, has chosen to stay away from the media’s glare.

Nicole Roundtree

Another child from Roundtree’s first marriage, Nicole’s name means ‘victory of people,’ and she maintains a private life.

Taylor Roundtree

An expert in horse riding, Taylor Roundtree is a jumping instructor based in Auburn, CA. She’s passionate about her work, and her dedication to teaching students to advance their riding skills is a testament to her commitment.

Morgan Roundtree

Pursuing a career in international politics, Morgan Roundtree studied at the University of San Francisco. Her work history includes roles at organizations like the UN Women and the Marshall Wace.

John James Roundtree

Known as “Jay,” John is more into sports and is a graduate of the University of San Francisco. His interests include soccer coaching and volunteer work with organizations like Make-a-wish North Carolina.

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