Marjorie Taylor Greene Husband Perry Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a staunch Republican representing Georgia’s 14th congressional district, has been married to Perry Greene, a construction mogul, since August 1995. However, their long-lasting marriage recently hit a rocky road when Perry filed for divorce on September 27, 2022, citing an irretrievable breakdown. Marjorie Taylor Greene College Education, Husband, Salary, Family

Marjorie Taylor Greene Children

Marjorie and Perry are proud parents of three children. These adult children, named Lauren, Taylor, and Derek, have been part of their family’s journey. While there isn’t a lot of public information available about them, they remain an essential part of Marjorie’s life. Marjorie Taylor Greene Height And Other Facts

In May 2020, Marjorie shared a picture on Facebook of her campaign trail with her son Derek, expressing her gratitude for his support. Additionally, she shared a cheerful snapshot with her “beautiful daughter” Lauren a few months later. For Marjorie Taylor Greene, being a mother is a significant source of joy and fulfilment.

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As the divorce proceedings continue, the family’s focus remains on the well-being and future endeavours of their three remarkable kids. Despite their separation, both Marjorie and Perry emphasize the importance of their family and their enduring friendship. Perry described Marjorie as his best friend of 29 years and praised her as an incredible mother.

While Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a controversial figure in politics, her personal life, including her marriage and family, has also come into the spotlight due to her husband’s divorce filing.

Perry Greene Net Worth

The net worth of Perry Greene is $2 Million.

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