Margo, Douglas Samantha Woll Family Members, Husband And Children

In the wake of Samantha Woll’s tragic passing at the age of 40, we delve into Samantha Woll family members which included her parents. Margo and Douglas Woll, her parents, provided a solid foundation for her journey as a community leader.

Her sister, Monica, shared her passion for Jewish causes, creating a familial bond deeply rooted in service and faith. While Samantha did not have a husband or children at the time of her untimely death.

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Samantha Woll Family Members

Family MemberRelation to Samantha WollOccupation
Margo WollMotherRetired teacher
Douglas WollFatherRetired engineer
Monica WollSisterLawyer
Samantha WollSelf40 years old
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Margo, Douglas Samantha Woll Parents

Samantha Woll’s journey as a community leader was nurtured by the support of her parents, Margo and Douglas Woll. Samantha woll detroit family included her mother, father and sister. Her mother, Margo Woll, was a retired teacher. Her father, Douglas Woll, a retired engineer. Together, they provided a solid foundation for Samantha’s pursuits in faith and community service.

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Monica Woll, Samantha’s sister chose a path in law and worked diligently at the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York. It’s evident that the Woll family had a deep-rooted commitment to Jewish causes and community betterment, as both sisters actively engaged in these pursuits.

Samantha Woll Husband And Children

At the time of her tragic death, Samantha did not have a husband or children, but her life was filled with love from her family and the countless people she touched through her work.

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Jewish Leader in Detroit Stabbed to Death

Samantha Woll, a dedicated Democratic activist and a well-known Jewish lay leader in Detroit, met a tragic end when she was brutally stabbed to death outside her home. The shocking incident took place on a Saturday morning in Detroit’s Lafayette Park neighborhood, leaving the community in grief and confusion. Woll, at the age of 40, had been a prominent figure in the Detroit Jewish community and beyond. She had been a driving force behind the non-denominational Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue, one of the last standing Jewish congregations within the city of Detroit. Woll’s leadership had been pivotal in the ambitious expansion of the synagogue, aiming to reinvigorate the city’s Jewish community. Her contributions extended beyond the religious sphere, as she actively participated in various political campaigns, including her work with U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin and Michigan’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel.

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Woll’s death sent shockwaves through the Detroit community and the broader Jewish world. In 2017, the Detroit Jewish News had recognized her as one of the “36 Jews to Watch Under 36,” emphasizing her role in founding the Muslim-Jewish Forum of Detroit. Her commitment to interfaith dialogue and healing the world was evident in her efforts to bridge divides between different religious communities.

The Jewish community leaders in Michigan have urged restraint and emphasized the need for law enforcement to gather facts before any conclusions are made. Both the Anti-Defamation League’s Michigan office and the Jewish Federation of Detroit have reassured the community that there are no known threats to their safety at this time, and no evidence suggests that the act was motivated by antisemitism.