In this article, we explore the life and role of Lynn Greenfield, Wolf Blitzer wife, daughter and family.

Meet Lynn Greenfield, the steadfast partner in the life of renowned CNN anchor, Wolf Blitzer. Their marriage began in 1973 and spans over four decades. While Wolf Blitzer has been a prominent figure in the world of journalism, Lynn Greenfield prefers a life away from the limelight.

Lynn Greenfield Age

Full NameLynn Greenfield
Age70 years old
Marital StatusMarried to Wolf Blitzer since 1973
OccupationPersonal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue store
ResidenceBethesda, Maryland, USA
ChildrenDaughter named Ilana Blitzer Gendelman (39 years old)
Lynn Greenfield Age

Lynn Greenfield Wolf Blitzer Wife And Daughter Ilana Blitzer Gendelman

Lynn Greenfield has been in a lasting marriage with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer since 1973, making it over 45 years of togetherness. Their enduring partnership is a testament to their strong bond.

While her husband, Wolf Blitzer, is a prominent face on CNN, Lynn Greenfield prefers to maintain a relatively private life, away from the public eye. She doesn’t often find herself in the spotlight despite her husband’s fame.

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Wolf Blitzer Wife Photo- Wolf Blitzer Ex wife

Wolf Blitzer Wife Photo

Lynn Greenfield Family

Lynn Greenfield, who is 70 years old, reportedly works as a personal shopper at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Chevy Chase. In addition to her career, she enjoys traveling the world alongside her husband when his job takes him to different countries.

Wolf Blitzer Daughter Ilana Blitzer Gendelman

The couple has one daughter named Ilana Blitzer Gendelman, who is 39 years old. Their family is tight-knit and supportive of one another.

Wolf Blitzer has had a remarkable career in journalism, with his journey at CNN starting in 1990. He began as a military affairs reporter and, over the years, climbed the ranks, eventually becoming one of the network’s most recognizable anchors.

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Lynn Greenfield Ex-husband

Before her marriage to Wolf Blitzer, Lynn Greenfield was married to Joseph Gandelman, the president of the Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services. Although the details of their divorce are not clear, their separation was attributed to irreconcilable differences.

Lynn and Wolf reside in Bethesda, Maryland, in a two-story home. Despite their spacious abode, the couple decided to have just one child, maintaining a quieter family life.

Lynn Greenfield may stay out of the public eye, but she plays an important role in her family and continues to be a source of support for her husband, Wolf Blitzer, in his illustrious career.